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Court views video clips in Sikhala bail bid Job Sikhala

Prosper Dembedza Court Correspondent
TWO video clips were played in court yesterday showing MDC national vice chairperson, Job Sikhala, who is facing charges of inciting public violence ahead of the flopped July 31 protests, boasting that he was aware police were looking for him but would not surrender as a freedom fighter.

This came after prosecutors Mr Garudzo Ziyaduma and Mrs Tendai Shonhai opposed bail and called to the witness stand, the investigating officer Detective Assistant Inspector Victor Mukohwa.

In opposing bail, Det Asst Insp Mukohwa asked the court to play the video clips which he said would reveal how Sikhala acted at the time he was wanted by police.

He said they made several efforts to locate Mr Sikhala at his rural home in Masvingo to no avail.

“Efforts were also made to locate him at his workplace at Makoni Shopping Centre without success.

“The Zimbabwe Republic Police issued an appeal through a press statement where we appealed to members of the public with information on the whereabouts of Sikhala, to come forward,” he said.

Detective Asst Insp Mukohwa told the court that Sikhala, despite knowing that he was wanted by police, posted a video in defiance, boasting that he was aware that police were looking for him but he was not that cheap to catch.

He said he would not give in easily since he was a freedom fighter and allegedly vowed to fight State agencies if they tried to arrest him.

Harare magistrate Mr Lazini Ncube deferred the matter to Monday for continuation of bail application.

The court heard that since March 2020, Sikhala called on the people to demonstrate against the Government on July 31.

According to the State, the declarations were made by Sikhala on social media platforms and there was reasonable suspicion that he committed an offence.

Sikhala’s lawyer, Mr Eric Matinenga challenged his placement on remand arguing that every person had a right to demonstrate, freedom of association and expression.

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