The Rhodesian Herald,

February 26, 1971

A PROPOSAL by the Town Planning Committee that the Minister of Local Government and Housing should be advised that the Salisbury City Council intended to allow the old building in a corner of Cecil Square to be used as a publicity bureau was referred back at yesterday’s monthly meeting of the Council.

Eight councillors voted for the reference back; seven were against. Councillor Sidney Hinde, moving its adoption, said he felt that public interest should prevail over legalities.

The Committee had deliberately decided that the minister should be told what it proposed to do rather than to ask him for approval.

Councillor Hinde pointed out that the building, now used as a store room, had been illegally erected in the first place.


 Publicity associations are key institutions that promote all aspects of urban centres such as tourism, industry and commerce.

 In Zimbabwe, there are publicity associations in all major towns and cities and these are usually located in a central place for easy accessibility, especially by visitors.

 Some of the publicity associations were formed in the early 1900s and have stood the test of time, but others have folded through lack of support.

 It is critical that councils and the private sector help fund the activities of such vital initiatives, because they play a significant role in promoting cities and towns.

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