Hie CLS thank you for the opportunity and I love the cool schools section which is very interesting. This time Editor you are not selective because we have all teens from different schools covered from group A to B.
Tatenda Mapungu (16), Highfield High 1

CLS touches on relationships here and there, sure, but its reason is style, and to that end, I would want it to covers fashion news, travel around the world to photograph the coolest clothes in exotic setting. I would want Cool Lifestyle to deliver the most amazing new music and movies, and career advice instead of quizzes, and embarrassing stories that we are reading.
Mitchelle Fadzai Makoni (15), St Killians High


The paper is for teens yes but I just think sometimes it mainly focuses on preteens because most of the stuff is childish.
Teens of this day and age are maturing earlier so we want real stuff that teens are doing, tell us about dangers of becoming sexually active at an early age.  You have changed the swag touch what is going on guys?
Muriel Kuzanga, (17), Range College


Cool Lifestyle is like the only paper which focuses on teens and makes follow ups of teen celebrities so I want to commend the paper to keep making heroes of us.
To make it exciting though we would love to see local teen celebrities’ real life stories told.  Send my shoutouts to my friends at Daramombe High School.
Tinayeishe Dube (15), Daramombe High School

I really love the paper nevertheless these days almost every teen is on the social network.
Thank you so much for accepting on Facebook page. Guys you rock.
Presley Makanda (16), Kuwadzana Academy

Hey guys I just want to say I really enjoyed last week’s edition as you showcased the schools that rocked in the O Level results.  It motivates other schools to stretch their standards and be counted on the academic map as well.
Stembinkosi Mhlanga (16),Seke 1 High School

Personally I consider the CLS paper the Zimbabwean teen magazine so I just want to make the suggestion that it strive to match with international teen magazines around the world.
I am so proud of Cool Lifestyle as they are making celebrities out of us
Queen Mhlanga (17), Kuwadzana High 2


I would love to see the time when Cool lifestyle make a presentation of celebrated cool teens that would have made it either a monthly presentation or even yearly.
There is no need for award or anything fancy but just a mere recognition will go a long way in a teen’s life that’s a fact.
Ashley Mutema (16) ,Kuwadzana 1 High School

Wassup guys. How come you promised us that you are visiting our schools but you never came?
Please can we have a fan club maybe where we can meet every weekend and have a chat. I liked the schools article.
Portia Marasha (17), Mutare

Hey guys hope you had a great week, my comment may come as a surprise but I do not know how you did your graphics for “Why CLS should come to my school” last week it was faint and to me looked a little lame I have to say.
Nevertheless the graphics for the week earlier was a bomb, keep up the good work guys.
Wesley DC Bangira (17),Pace College

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