CIO, police clash over corruption allegations

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CIO, police clash over corruption allegations

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Fungai Lupande Court Reporter
The Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) and police have clashed over corruption investigations after deputy director Kizito Gweshe on Thursday said police were protecting the rot in their system.

Mr Gweshe said this while testifying in the application for referral of his case to the Constitutional Court by CIO informer Delish Nguwaya (32).

He is jointly charged with three others on allegations of extorting about $20 000 from Baoning Guo, a Chinese national.

Addressing the court, Mr Gweshe said Nguwaya approached him offering information on corruption involving members of the CIO and top police officers.

“He said the information was of a criminal nature. I was instructed to arrange a task force comprising the CIO and police,” said Mr Gweshe.

“The task team was to cleanse the security forces of corrupt activities. We interviewed Nguwaya and agreed that we wanted to use him as a witness. We went to the Prosecutor-General’s Office and Chris Mutangadura said we should get a full disclosure in writing from Nguwaya.

“We then asked Nguwaya to write a full statement.”

Mr Gweshe said in that statement Nguwaya implicated Chief Superintendent Nyaradzai Majachani and a Superintendent Tachiona.

He said after recording the statement, a Supt Viera – who was leading the police in the task team – wanted to charge Nguwaya.

This was after Nguwaya had volunteered self-incriminating information.

Nguwaya is jointly charged with a member of the CIO, Zano Vengayi (33), Clever Gadzikwa (36) and Mbereki Mbizo Nyathi, who is a former member of the CIO.

Nguwaya, through his lawyer Jonathan Samkange, is seeking referral of the matter to the Constitutional Court on the basis that he supplied self-incriminating information after being promised indemnity.

Substantiating his application before Harare magistrate Mr Temba Kuwanda on Thursday, Nguwaya asked to see the President or his vice to advise them of corruption in the police force.

Nguwaya alleged that the police planted cocaine in his vehicle as a way of “fixing” him for exposing them.

“I was invited to the Police General Headquarters for a meeting after I reported Chief Supt Majachani for extortion, criminal abuse of office and perjury,” said Nguwaya.

“The meeting was attended by Deputy Commissioner-General (Crime) Josephine Shambare, Senior Assistant Commissioner Solomon Mubatapasango, Senior Assistant Commissioner Godfrey Munyonga and Chief Supt Majachani.

“I was expecting to be assisted but instead I was harassed.”

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