Churches blast ’liar’ Chamisa

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Churches blast ’liar’ Chamisa Mr Chamisa

The Herald

Tendai Mugabe Senior Reporter
Church leaders have condemned MDC-T faction leader Mr Nelson Chamisa, who is also a pastor with the Apostolic Faith Mission Church, for being a habitual liar whose deceitful character compromises and demeans the integrity of religious leaders.

This followed Mr Chamisa’s latest lie that he met Rwandan President Paul Kagame and helped him shape that country’s ICT policy.

President Kagame denied the claim yesterday.

The lie by Mr Chamisa comes while the nation is still reeling from yet another lie by him that he met US President Mr Donald Trump who promised to give Zimbabwe US$15 billion if he wins the July 30 harmonised elections.

In separate interviews, church leaders roundly denounced Mr Chamisa saying his deceitful character was not expected from a man of God.

El Shaddai Ministries founder Bishop Patience Hove told The Herald yesterday that leaders, especially men of God, should always be truthful.

“It is not morally right to lie,” she said.

“As a Christian, integrity is of paramount importance. If you are to teach the word of God, you need to be truthful. If you are a pastor, you must lead by the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit doesn’t lie. It’s clear in the Bible that your truth shall set you free, so if you want your followers to respect you it is always good to be truthful all the time.”

Pastor Edwin Masango of the Greater Joy Worship Centre said it was wrong to lie.

“Any leader should be a man of integrity. Anyone called into leadership especially men of God should stand for truth. The word of God teaches us that what exalts a nation is righteousness. What we are praying for as the Church as we go for elections is for us to have truthful leaders. Leaders who do not give people false hope.”

A Harare-based pastor who refused to be named quoted the Bible saying: “The things that the Lord hates are a lying tongue, a heart that devises wicked schemes and feet that are quick to rush into evil.”

Mr Chamisa yesterday also became the butt of jokes for his pathological lies on micro-blogging site Twitter.

Click here to view some of the Tweets

During his rallies across the country, Mr Chamisa had become a laughing stock for his kindergarten promises to the electorate such as village airports and spaghetti roads.

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