Cholera cases rise in Gokwe North

12 Sep, 2018 - 00:09 0 Views

The Herald

Midlands Correspondent
Cholera cases are on the increase in Gokwe North, with eight cases having been reported so far. Midlands provincial medical director Dr Simon Nyadundu said in the latest case, a mother and her child contracted the disease in Sanyati where they had gone to attend a family gathering.

“What happened was that the woman had travelled to Sanyati for a family function where she met relatives from Harare where there is an outbreak. But upon her return, she started developing symptoms and went to Mutora Mission Hospital where she tested positive,” said Dr Nyadundu.

He said all cases recorded so far have been linked to Harare.

He, however, said all cases were under control with the medical team having managed to contain the spread of the scourge.

“Almost all cases that have been reported so far have been dealt with and are under control. Some of those reported earlier have been treated and discharged, while some remain on oral treatment under the care of our staff,” he said.

He said they had set up referral centres to handle the suspected cases.

“We have set up cholera treatment centres in the areas which are Gumunyu, Simchembo and Mutora Mission Hospital. In addition, health workers are doing contact, tracing and surveillance so that cases are detected early,” he said.

Medication, Dr Nyadundu said, was still in stock as the province was still smarting from a typhoid outbreak that claimed about 10 lives in Gweru. “We still have medication in stock, remember we were battling with typhoid in Gweru just recently and the medication is the same. So we still have large stock of medication,” said Dr Nyadundu.

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