Lovemore Meya Herald Correspondent
Chitungwiza Central Hospital staff yesterday demonstrated against management citing poor working conditions and shortage of resources needed for providing proper health care services.

The placard-wielding staff, who directed their message to the health institution’s chief executive officer Dr Obadiah Moyo, also demanded the disbandment of unproductive partnerships with private entities.

A matron from the hospital, who spoke to The Herald on condition of anonymity for fear of victimisation, said they wanted the hospital to address their grievances.

“We are working without proper medical resources and the authorities are failing to heed our call to resource the institution in order to help us discharge our duties,” said the irate matron.

“Besides, we want to know the purpose being served by the private public partnerships (PPP) which the hospital entered into because as far as we are concerned, they (the partners) are nothing but a liability.

“Their services are too expensive to be afforded by the community. Patients are being ordered to go and purchase everything from this pharmacy from sterile gloves, needles and syringes, among other items.”

In a memorandum dated November 29, 2017 addressed to the hospital’s CEO, director of clinical services, director of finance, principal nursing officer, human resources officer and administration officer, the striking nurses said conditions at the institution are now untenable.

“Of late we have noted with great concern the downfall of our hospital due to lack of resources. There are no surgical and stores resources like oxygen, drugs (operating drugs), food, fuel sterile gloves and mattresses.

“This has been too much on us as nurses and we are stressed. We watch patients dying yet we cannot offer any help. We wish you could also give us clarity on how the private partnership is helping us; their services are extremely expensive for our community and staff,” reads part of the memo.

In response, Dr Moyo said they were attending to the issues raised by the unhappy staff.

“They wanted to be addressed on the issues to do with shortage of resources and we did exactly that after they wrote to us seeking dialogue. On the issue of resources, indeed we are facing financial constraints and today (Friday) trucks were off-loading some of the resources they claimed.

“We have even sourced cash from the Ministry of Finance. However, it looks like these issues have nothing to do with the shortages because even after addressing them yesterday (Thursday), they were not convinced. They had their own agenda, which needs to be investigated, since a few only took to the picket, which is not a reflection of what is happening on the ground,” he said.

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