Chisora fights to keep daughters in private school

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Chisora fights to keep daughters in private school Dereck Chisora

The Herald

LONDON. — British heavyweight boxer Derek Chisora will use his £2 million Tyson Fury windfall tomorrow night to keep his daughters in private school and away from his old dangerous neighbourhood. 

The 38-year-old heavyweight moved to North London from Zimbabwe aged 16 and changed his life around at the same Finchley ABC gym that later moulded Anthony Joshua into an Olympic legend. 

The Brexit-supporting Boris Johnson fan now lives on leafy Hampstead Heath and dines in the capital’s favourite restaurants – after giving up alcohol and the party-boy lifestyle five years ago. 

But his most important extravagance is putting Angelina and Harare through top schools and he is well aware of the tragic story of Danny Williams — who is still risking his life in dangerous bouts aged 49 — to keep his girls in education. 

He said: “I am here because I like the nice things in life. 

“Sometimes I have to drive through my old neighbourhood and I think, f**k that, I don’t want to come back to this s***hole.

“That keeps me hungry and motivated. It’s always financial because you never really make enough money to survive. 

“The economy goes up and down, some investments go bad, you have to appreciate it. 

“Kids are in private school and that’s expensive. You get used to the lifestyle, which is great. 

“Every parent wants to put their kids through private schools. “Some parents manage to do it at the start but, when things get difficult, they have to take them out and put them in a state school. “Every parent wants to give their kids the best and the best start in life.” The 18st hulk famously scoots around London in a tiny and cost-cutting SmartCar while most his colleagues brag and post online their Lamborghinis and Ferraris. — The Sun

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