Chinese delegation follows up on mega deals

24 Jun, 2017 - 01:06 0 Views

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Felex Share Senior Reporter
A Chinese delegation, led by Vice Foreign Affairs Minister Mr Zhang Ming, is in the country to follow up on the mega deals the Asian giant sealed with Zimbabwe.

The deals which cut across energy, infrastructure development and agriculture are at various stages of implementation.

Mr Zhang, who is leading a five-member delegation, yesterday met Foreign Affairs Minister Simbarashe Mumbengegwi.

Speaking after an hour long meeting, Mr Zhang said all the projects being supervised by President Mugabe and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping should materialise and bring tangible results.

“We need to ensure that the consensus reached by the two leaders can be firmly implemented and the co-operation between us under the framework of FOCAC (Forum on China-Africa Co-operation as well as Chinese One Belt and One Road Initiative (OBOR) will come into fruition and deliver benefits to the people of our two countries,” he said.

“This is the important reason why we have been meeting frequently in Zimbabwe and Beijing and this is the reason why I have also come this time.”

Presidents Mugabe and Xi have also exchanged reciprocal visits between 2014 and this year to accelerate implementation of the agreements.

Mr Zhang said the magnitude of the agreements sealed by the two countries required constant communication.

“The very abundant consensus reached by the two leaders have resulted in a large number of co-operation projects in terms of our economies, society, culture infrastructure and all areas of co-operation,” he said.

“This also requires the foreign ministries of the two countries to strengthen our communication, consultation and co-operation. I just have had an in-depth and friendly conversation with the foreign minister and his deputy. We have exchanged our ideas on how to further advance our mutually benefiting cooperation.”

He added: “We have also exchanged views and reached common understanding on major regional and international issues of shared interest. I am confident that in the future, the co-operation will continue to maintain a strong momentum and the co-operation projects will be implemented smoothly.”

Mr Zhang said the two countries would continue working together to “overcome difficulties in our paths to development and proceed from one victory to another.”

Minister Mumbengegwi said relations between China and Zimbabwe were historic.

“The relations between our two countries are well known, they go a long way. During our liberation struggle we got critical assistance from China in terms of military hardware, training, diplomatic and political support required.

“It was because of China’s support that our liberation struggle was intensified and accelerated and enabled us to achieve our independence in 1980.”

He said since independence, China had been a close ally in economic and political development.

China is also the leading investor in the country.

“Our two leaders enjoy a special relationship. President Mugabe in 2014 visited China where a number of agreements were reached and 2015, President Xi returned the visit and what is significant about that is that Zimbabwe was the only country that was visited at that time signifying the close relationship between our two countries.

“In January, President Mugabe was in China during his vacation and also President Xi set aside time for them to undertake important discussions on our bilateral relations and issues of common interest on the international arena.”

Mr Zhang is expected to engage several Government officials today.

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