Bwalya dethroned from Zambia FA presidency


LUSAKA. — Businessman Andrew Kamanga has been elected as president of the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) replacing the legendary Kalusha Bwalya after polling 163 out of 324 votes cast.

The announcement by chairman of the Electoral Commission Sikwana Lukangaba was met with jubilation at Moba Hotel, as Kamanga prepares to be at the helm of Zambia’s football governing body for four years.

Kalusha, was seen as the frontrunner, but Andrew Kamanga had an impressive momentum in the lead up to the election. Henschel Chitembeya, a former executive committee member, was always seen as an outsider.

Kalusha polled 156 while Henschel Chitembeya received a single vote. Four votes were declared invalid.

Kalusha later posted on his Facebook wall: “Football is about winning and losing. I want Zambian Football to win. All the best 2 @FAZFootball and the New leadership.”

Veteran Zambian soccerwriter Benedict Tembo felt that Kalusha had overstayed his welcome at the helm of the country’s football and he said: “King (Kalusha) thought he had title deeds to Zambian football, the red carpet has been off his magical left foot. Football was played long before he was born and will continue long after leaving the scene. Life will be tough for him outside the FA.

“Three terms was enough; one as vice-president and two as president. Instead of sealing loopholes, he feasted on the same to the detriment of football development (in Zambia).”

And Richard Kazala has been elected as vice president after polling 117 votes beating his closest rival Pivoty Simwanza who polled 107 votes. Mofya Chisala received 58 votes while Cephas Kampamba Katongo had 28 votes. Boniface Mwamelo polled 8 votes. There were 5 spoiled ballots.

Lee Kawanu has been re-elected as Executive Committee Member and is joined by new members Blackwell Siwale, Brenda Kunda, Elijah Shenko Chileshe, Kabaso Kapambwe and Dr Joseph Mulenga.

Rixie Mweemba was elected unopposed for the position of Treasurer.

Full Results


1. Andrew Kamanga — 163

2. Kalusha Bwalya — 156

3. Henschel Chitembeya — 1

4. Invalid Ballots — 4


1. Richard Kazala — 117

2. Pivoty Simwanza — 108

3. Mofya Chisala — 58

4. Cephas Kampamba Katongo — 28

5. Boniface Mwamelo — 8

6. Invalid Ballots — 5


Rixie Mweemba (Unopposed)


Blackwell Siwale — 173

Brenda Kunda — 143

Elijah Shenko Chileshe — 111

Lee Kawanu — 106

Kabaso Kapambwe — 99

Dr Joseph Mulenga — 92 —AFP.

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