‘Buster’ recalls Tyson fight


LONDON. — James “Buster” Douglas has spoken about the greatest accomplishment of his boxing career – beating the seemingly invincible Mike Tyson in 1990. Douglas recorded a 10th-round knock-out against the then undefeated heavyweight champion, Mike Tyson. Celebrating the 25th anniversary of the fight, Douglas gave an in-depth interview to BBC Radio 5live.

“It’s something I will always live with for the rest of my life – a great accomplishment,” Douglas reflected.

Douglas went into the fight in Japan’s Tokyo Dome as the 42-1 underdog, and the result is widely regarded to be one of the greatest upsets in sporting history.

The build-up to the bout had not been a smooth one for the man from Columbus, with personal problems dominating his preparation.

But the man nicknamed “Buster” says he used the build-up as inspiration: “My wife and I were going through some things, we were

separated, and then the biggest thing was my mum passed 21 days prior to the fight.” — BBC Sport.

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