Businessman grilled in court

Herald Correspondent

The trial of Harare businessman, Ronald Masimba Nyandoro, who is facing allegations of selling his boss’ Toyota Land Cruiser without his consent and diverting the money to his own use opened today with him denying the charges.

The complainant was grilled in court for reporting a case of theft of trust property against his former employee Nyandoro whom he gave a vehicle as a token of appreciation for helping him with consultancy work.

Nyandoro is accused of theft of trust property after he was given a Toyota Landcruiser vehicle together with its registration book by James Landon.

Landon alleges that the vehicle was supposed to be returned at some time.

However, Nyandoro through his legal practitioner, Admire Rubaya, denied the allegations that he was entrusted with the alleged motor vehicle, a Toyota Landcruiser AET 3438, for him to use and then return to the complainant.

Nyandoro told the court that there was no trust agreement as alleged by Landon saying he was given the motor vehicle by the complainant as his payment for his consultancy services during the dispute that the complainant had with another businessman, Adam Woodington, which resulted in the complainant being arrested.

He said he assisted the complainant as his consultant to carry out various duties for the complainant and for his benefit.

He added that he became the owner of the motor vehicle after being given it by the complainant sometime in November 2022, as payment for his aircraft consultancy fees.

He said the complainant further gave him the duplicate registration book in the year 2023.

While under cross-examination by Rubaya, Landon was asked if he paid Nyandoro when he travelled to South Africa on his business transactions that involved aircraft.

Landon told the court that he did not pay him but thought he was just helping as his friend.

Rubaya said Nyandoro went on to sign agreements on behalf of the complainant in South Africa while he was in remand prison and Landon confirmed.

The lawyer then asked if all that consultancy was paid for, to which he said he did not.

“The Accused person further asserts that these are clearly malicious, frivolous and vexatious allegations being peddled by the complainant who is abusing the criminal justice system in relation to a matter whose alleged facts do not disclose an offence recognised at law,” Rubaya told the court.

Landon was asked if there was any evidence to show that the vehicle he gave him was supposed to be returned at some point to which he replied that there was no evidence.

The lawyer asked Landon if Nyandoro was still his friend to which he replied absolutely not.

Rubaya then told Landon that he reported the theft of trust property after their friendship turned sour.

The lawyer also told Landon that Nyandoro and he were only business associates, where all business done should be paid for and he denied it.

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