Build strong foundation principles


Charles Mungoshi Jr Versatile Fufu
Don’t just go with the wind — life is for rooted down people. Do you have a foundation? You need to be solid and founded on true foundational materials. You cannot make an impact or true progress if you are not rooted down by a strong foundation of beliefs. What shapes your belief system is what you give permission to, what you accept is what you become. There are a lot of life doctrines followed by people and have made them rather unstable. Information is what makes up a person — what are you allowing into your foundational teachings.

Be principled, learn what is right, and learn things that build your character to be solid. A lot of people have shallow belief systems and are not strong willed so whatever goes, goes. It is not about what they do that matters but it’s about who they are and who they are is based on what materials they allow within.

Make up your mind to be a person built on true foundational principles of life.

Support a cause for your existence which makes you a person of strong character, you need supporting beliefs which are not tossed to and fro by the wind.

There are so many people who suffer from identity crisis, which becomes the main hindrance for tangible progress in their lives. Know your background, learn of your tradition, and build on your reasons for living.

You can never accept yourself the greater positions in life if you don’t have a supporting stand of beliefs — because the next thing that comes you are going to run for it.

Foundation is important — the longitude or life of anything built here in this realm is determined by the strength of the foundation. Do not ignore the basic purpose of the reason why you are into that business, course or religion.

Your foundation is your sustaining power. There are so many marriages built on the basis of one being impregnated, that is not a strong foundation if there wasn’t love before and long before you know it divorce papers are filed.

Don’t engage in anything without a thorough research on the reasons and purposes of your engagement.

Don’t be a carrier bag that accepts whatever comes and land wherever the wind blows to. Drive your beliefs into your thought system let them be founded on principles that are just.

You do things because of who you are not because of what you have, a person is not a dog because he barked — learn to cement your foundation. What where you created for?

Who are you? When you answer those questions you will be bold enough to face anything that comes your way because that’s the first step towards mending or building your foundation.

Work on the roots of your existence and strengthen yourself for greater things in life.

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