Book Fair opens in Mutare Minister Dokora
Dr Dokora

Dr Dokora

Obert Chifamba Manicaland Bureau
The Zimbabwe International Book Fair (ZIBF) opens in Mutare today after a four-year hiatus. Primary and Secondary Education Minister Dr Lazarus Dokora will officially open the two-day literary fête that is scheduled to run between today and tomorrow. ZIBF chief executive Mr Blazio Tafireyi yesterday told The Herald that theme of the event would be “Making the Book Pay”.

“Consumers of literary works, books in particular, expect to get some benefit from reading and understanding the contents, which in some cases can also be demonstrated in how people, for instance, teachers and students, use the knowledge they get from books,” he said.

“We are talking about the way books shape people’s lives, be it professionally or even just socially, which in a way demonstrates the relevance of books to consumers and ultimately the nation.”

Mr Tafireyi said Zimbabweans had always been ranked among the most literate on the continent. He said how books could help shape the lives of people would be scrutinised in conjunction with the new curriculum that was designed to suit the needs of the people.

“We will be looking at how relevant the content of such things as novels and educational books can be in the lives of people, that is, the benefits or payment people get from reading them — how the people make reading books pay them,” said Mr Tafireyi.

The event will start with workshops that will target industry players such as teachers, school heads, service providers in the Ministry of Education, publishers, journalists and writers. It will be concluded with a showcasing of literary products that will be on display, as a way of engaging parents, teachers and students.

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