Biotech Authority’s Mufandaedza trial starts

17 Aug, 2022 - 14:08 0 Views
Biotech Authority’s Mufandaedza trial starts Jonathan Mufandaedza

The Herald

Senior Court Reporter 

The trial of National Biotechnology Authority (NBA) chief executive officer, Jonathan Mufandaedza, on 22 counts of criminal abuse of office and another count of fraud opened today at the Harare Magistrates Court.


Mufandaedza is alleged to have abused his authority and claimed benefits from his employer which were not due to him.


He denied all the charges when he appeared before Harare regional magistrate Mrs Feresi Chakanyuka.


Through his lawyer Mr Everson Chatambudza, Mufandaedza told the court that the charges were cooked by the NBA’s current board in a bid to elbow him from the top position.


He also denied any wrongdoing during the tenure of his office saying he was entitled to the benefits that the State claimed he abused as the chief executive officer.

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