‘Begin science education at ECD’

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‘Begin science education at ECD’ Dr Utete-Masango

The Herald

Lovemore Kadzura Rusape Correspondent
SCHOOLS should start seriously teaching of science and technology from infant level to empower young learners with skills that enable them to adapt well in the adult world, a senior official has said.

Speaking at the handover ceremony of the 2017 Secretary’s Bell awards at John Cowie Primary School last week, Primary and Secondary Education Permanent Secretary Dr Sylvia Utete-Masango said the nation could not afford to ignore science education.

“If we fail the little ones we have failed the world. Schools need to engage learners on STEM education, which empowers them. The laptops we are handing over today will help the schools to have smart classrooms, which are different from computer rooms.

“We are no longer in the era of computer rooms’ but that of smart classrooms. Laptops will help learners and teachers to do research easily. Even teachers must embrace technology because there is no way we can wish it away, it is here to stay,” she said.

The winners of last year’s Secretary’s Bell awards in Manicaland Province, John Cowie Primary School and Mavhudzi High School, both from Rusape, were each presented with 46 state-of-the-art computers, which came with a projector and an interactive board.

Dr Utete-Masango encouraged other schools to emulate the excellent work and consistency in producing quality results shown by John Cowie Primary School.

“John Cowie has been consistent in its performance over the years and other schools must emulate them. We are always here presenting prizes and awards to the school. It is the only primary school that has been given science laboratory equipment, which is no mean feat,” said Dr Utete-Masango.

John Cowie head, Mr Garikai Nyawo, said his school was grateful for the computers that came at a time they were rigorously implementing the new curriculum. He said his school now had over 200 computers and two computer rooms.

“These computers are a good piece of equipment for us. The vision and direction of the school is to move with new technology. We are undisputable champions in implementing the new curriculum. Information and Communication Technology cuts across the curriculum, which we are implementing religiously here,” he said

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