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Be patriotic, graduates urged

31 Oct, 2018 - 00:10 0 Views
Be patriotic, graduates urged Dr Kundiona

The Herald

Victor Maphosa in Marondera
EDUCATIONIST and politician, Dr Cleopas Kundiona has urged graduates countrywide to be patriotic and apply the skills they have acquired during their studies to develop the nation and not destroy it.

Dr Kundiona, who is the founder of UMAA Group of Institutions, made the call during a graduation ceremony at the UMAA Institute campus in Dombotombo, Marondera, recently.

The college was also celebrating its 30th anniversary, which ran under the theme “Managing a change with a look home policy until victory is certain”.

“Education is fundamental to personal and national development, it provides life opportunities and also underpins the development of a highly skilled and innovative workforce, which is crucial for social, cultural and economic growth of our country,” he said.

He said UMAA is mandated to equip students with skills and knowledge, which will make them competitive on the market as required by the Government.

“Indeed UMAA Institute has come a long way in complementing our Government efforts in terms of enhancing skills, training and educating our people so that they will have the economical knowledge to jealously safe guard the gains of our struggle.

“So to the graduates, always be patriotic to your nation, your people all the time and work hard to fulfil your national mandate of turning around our economy to be a better economy, to our graduands, this is the most longest war you are now embarking on, that now you are equipped with all the various skills and knowledge, we expect you to engage yourselves as our economic foot soldiers who are ready to be on the frontline to improve the socio-economic situations and compete regionally and globally,” Dr Kundiona said.

Dr Kundiona encouraged the graduates not to be deterred by the economic challenges prevailing across the nation, he urged them to face them head on.

He said his college was producing graduates who were geared to be employers and not employees.

Dr Kundiona congratulated the graduates and urged them not to hesitate in applying their skills in the world.

“During your training, I know some of you studied farm management, agricultural engineering, animal and crop production, I urge you not to waste time but to start applying skills you have acquired from this institution,” he said.

“Going forward may you help Zimbabwe in improving and increasing agriculture production, you are capable of turning around our agricultural industry and you are indeed strong soldiers to bring Zimbabwe once more as the bread basket of Southern Africa,” Dr Kundiona said.

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