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Baba Tencen ventures into music

21 Oct, 2016 - 00:10 0 Views
Baba Tencen ventures into music Baba Tencen

The Herald

Baba Tencen

Baba Tencen

Naledi Sande Arts Reporter

South Africa-based comedian Baba Tencen has released a promotional song titled “Ungandidi?” for his yet to be titled upcoming DVD.Born Pepukai Zvemhare, Baba Tencen posted pictures of himself in the studio and many thought he has ventured into dancehall music but it is a gospel song on sungura beat.

Baba Tencen took to his Facebook page to announce the release of the four-minute track.The post reads, “DVD is coming but today we give you my song, ‘Ungandidi?’ featuring Prisca Janhi.” He gave a few links where the song can be downloaded from.Baba Tencen also confirmed that the song is just an experiment as it is something he would sing with his producer, Tendai Joe.

“I just decided to record something we always sing when we go to shoot videos with my producer. That is more like a song that gets us moving, and we decided to experiment and record it,” he said.

The song features rising gospel artiste Prisca Janhi who is set to release her own song this October.The track was produced by Diva Size and Kuripwa Kugara brand manager Tendai Joe.The song seems to be getting a good response from the requests on Baba Tencen’s facebook page.The DVD that the song is promoting will be out at the end of November this year and it is Baba Tencen’s first professional offering to his fans.

“I make people laugh, so the DVD is about exactly that,” Baba Tencen said.

He added, “I always send my videos on Facebook and Youtube but have come to consider those that do not have access to those platforms and also data costs for many, a DVD will allow me to entertain many of my fans.”

“My brand manager has taught me a lot in terms of the industry because I could wake up owning a production company one day, because of the knowledge and experience I now have,” he said.

He asserted that he is going to be working with different comedians and artistes on his DVD and also perform songs with different artistes as he is getting requests.When asked which comedians and artistes he is working with for the DVD, Baba Tencen held that it is going to be a surprise on the DVD.

“I always took Facebook and Instagram for granted, but I have the fastest growing Facebook page for a Zimbabwean comedian and I have 110 000 likes in less than a year,” he added.

“Kuripwa Kugara” brand has managed to occupy that artistic gap since there are almost 10 different songs where people claimed to have featured Baba Tencen and yet they just sampled his voice.

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