Always be hungry for progress?


Charles Mungoshi Jr : Versatile Fufu

How much do you want to make it? To what extent is your hunger for sachieving great things in life? Do you have a vague picture of what you want in life?Do you know what it is that you want? Or you are just existing with time – what are you all about? Why do you wake up in the morning? Even greater, why do you rest? Or do you sleep or rest?Why do you make the phone calls you make talking about things that don’t make you any better than you are today? You know it is expensive but you still pay for it, whatever it is, why do you do that?

You and I know it is not necessary but there you are trying to convince yourself of the importance of things that don’t matter. How will you make it? Why are you doing things that have no value addition to who you are? Think hard before acting on anything. Do a research so that you may not be found wanting in later times.

Make sure you know that you want to! Don’t be delusional about the progress you wish to make, let your focus be on point. I think you are hesitant to start processing a change in your life – a change you know can benefit you big time. You already know that using the same system won’t give you different results my friend.

Do you really want the progress? Why have you been saying – I will do it, and still sit back and scream at yourself for not doing it when you said you would? You are the only way out of the way you are in!

Grab a hold of that desire to come out with much strength and pull yourself to a better grounding. A decision is a once off thought not a merry go round. If you really want to improve or better your lifestyle there are things that you don’t have to debate about cutting out.

I am not in a position to say what they are for I do not have an idea what you are targeting to do in life. The fact that you are targeting something means the precision of your aiming requires certain positions that will get you the bulls’ eye. This basically means you have to throw down some weights, position yourself and be calm. Don’t wait for it to be too late to do it – go for it now! DO YOU REALLY WANT IT?

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