Altfin a dominant health care funder


Over the years Altfin Medical Aid Scheme has grown to be more than just a medical aid scheme. There is more to just paying claims on behalf of our members although that remains our core function. We believe there is more to a person. We endeavour to help you keep up with latest trends on prevention and wellness. We encourage healthy living through eating well and exercising.We offer in-depth wellness and prevention programmes to all our members and an inbuilt Prevention and Wellness benefit available across all our schemes.

Should wellness be unavoidable and you fall sick our schemes are designed to cover for the due medical attention through our wide array of scheme choices from our Classic Schemes bouquet.

In the sad event that you pass on, our scheme comes with a Funeral Cash Pay-out benefit at no extra cost added to your subscriptions.

Our brand offers the products which have been tried and tested and have been successful in the market.

Our flagship packages are called the Classic Schemes. These are available to both corporate clients and individual private households at affordable rates.

Rates range from budget to top end for the various scheme options.

All these scheme come as a “Combo” offering both medical aid cover and a non-contributory Funeral Cash Payout which is underwritten by our partners Old Mutual Life Assurance.

Not to exclude the informal sector and vulnerable members in our society we designed a low-end budget scheme called MedAccess which offers basic cover at municipal and public facilities at an affordable $5,00 per month.

Complimentary Schemes on offer include Travel Cover for those travelling outside Zimbabwe either on business or holiday.

This provide short-term medical aid cover for emergencies that may occur while one is in a foreign land.

In addition we also offer local university and college students with medical aid cover ideally suited for them as they carry on with their tertiary studies.

Students studying outside Zimbabwe can also get their External Student Cover through us.

Student rates are available for children attending college. They can still remain under your medical aid scheme.

Altfin Medical Aid Scheme recognises that while the age of majority is 18 years, if your children are still attending school under your care, we will continue charging them child rates until they reach age 23.

Similarly our elderly who are 65 years old and above are recognised as deserving a sound medical aid cover.

We do not discriminate on age either way. Our Seniors are also covered at a special rate applicable to their age group.

Our corporate clients can also consider our Self Funded scheme options. We tailor make Self Funded Schemes where a corporate can set aside their own internal resources to cater for their employees’ healthcare needs. Altfin Medical Aid Scheme will then administer the fund for an agreed fee.

At Altfin Medical Aid Scheme we deliberately engage our efforts in recognising and offering a package and service which cover the total being who has social, health and psychological needs for your well-being.

By extension we offer you our child bearing mothers an opportunity to stay “in-hospital” with their new born babies in the event of complications with their new baby.

This New Born Accommodation benefit avoids you having to commute or drive between home and hospital every morning and evening.

This recognition also extends to our members in the sad event that a breadwinner dies. We offer support through our Family Extension benefit where the surviving family members will be allowed to continue on their medical aid for three months with premiums waived.

We have also extended our wings to fly into other territories in a bid to offer our members access to world class medical treatment and services. We have alliances in other countries such as South Africa, Mauritius and India. This is our Foreign Referred Treatment benefit.

We are proud of our growth and success over the years. We are cognisant of the fact that we could not have done it without the support of all stakeholders, especially our members.

These products are supported by a dedicated, well trained team whose endeavours are to ensure the members’ well being. That is our primary purpose.

Our achievements to date spur us on and contribute to our vision which is to be the “preferred and dominant health care funder.

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