All set for inaugural paramotor race


Ellina Mhlanga Sports Reporter
AIR Sports Federation of Zimbabwe are optimistic of bringing international competitors from the United States and France for the inaugural Victoria Falls Extreme Paramotor Race scheduled for May in their bid to establish the sport in the country.

The race is scheduled for early May in Victoria Falls with participants from the United States and France expected to take part as well as local participants who will compete as curtain-raisers for the main event.

This will be the first ever paramotor competition in Zimbabwe.

Event organiser Oscar Madombwe said they have made contact with Black Hawk, a club in the United States and there are indications they will be sending some of their members.

“We have made contact with international organisations, Black Hawk for example, we have made contact with them. They have made a commitment that they will get their club members to come over.

“What we need to do is to mobilise resources to perhaps assist with some of the costs like the boarding costs and things like that. We have also gotten in touch with a French gliding company, they will also be sending their own competitors.

“So at the moment we do have some kind of a rigid confirmation that they will be sending people through.

“We have not finalised on the numbers yet, we should be working on that and we should then within the next month or so be able to know who exactly is coming.

“We would like this to happen on May 1. What then happens is they need time to come and acclimatise, do the training and familiarise with the circuit. So it will be like almost a seven-day event.

“It’s a race, we call it extreme because we will be doing daring manoeuvres and tight turns. Under normal circumstances in aviation you can comfortably execute a turn say up to 30 degrees, 45 degrees it’s becoming tight and 90 degrees is extreme. So that is the kind of manoeuvres that we are looking, at very tight turns,” said Madombwe.

Madombwe said they are inviting local participants interested in taking part and would pay US$10 000 for training and acquiring the aircrafts.

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