ALL HAIL THE QUEEN! . . . Dream comes true for ‘legally blonde’ Brooke Bruk Jackson Soon after crowned winner, Brooke takes her first walk as Miss Universe Zimbabwe.

Tafadzwa ZimoyoLifestyle Editor 

All hail the new queen! 

The Zimbabwean tapestry or, is it what nature’s exhaust-less generosity has bestowed upon Zimbabwe? 

Well, she is the most beautiful girl in Zimbabwe. 

“Makadini mhuri yeZimbabwe . . .”, was her first line of greeting to Zimbabweans, during the question and answer segment at the just-ended Miss Universe Zimbabwe 2023 beauty pageant. 

To the joy of many including her fans in the crowd, the 21-year-old model, Brooke Bruk Jackson could not believe that she had won the coveted title after the master of ceremony called out her name. 

To her, it was a dream come true as this was the first pageant in her life. 

Brooke Bruk Jackson

Lucky for her, but immediately after she wore the crown, social media went agog, divided with some vying for her while others didn’t want her. 

Social media will always be social media but the fact right now is she has a crown on her head, keeping it safe on her dresser. 

Brooke, as she prefers to be called or written by her first name, is set to represent the country in two months’ in El Salvador, Central America at the 72nd edition of Miss Universe. 

“I am not bothered by the social media trolls, I have learned to invest in things that are positive and good for my mental health, and anything that is not, I completely ignore,” she said. 

Surprisingly, she gained 5 000 followers in 24 hours after she was crowned winner and her inbox was abuzz with congratulatory messages to which she is yet to respond. 

She was even featured on the popular social media page — The ShadeRoom.

But who is Brooke? 

Brooke when she was young.

Close sources revealed that during the boot camp, she had high marks and did well on all presentations, henceforth was also a crowd favourite.

The Herald on Saturday Lifestyle caught up with Brooke days after being crowned queen, where she was busy with her photoshoot, media tours, and preparation for the international pageant. 

Already the world watched her on Wednesday night via the YouTube channel of the official Miss Universe and it seems she has a tight competition ahead. 

Other countries have already crowned their queens and what they are waiting for now is to enter the boot camp. Brooke said she is ever ready. 

Born in 2002, from a family of five, Brooke attended Chisipite Schools, both primary and high before studying for tertiary education in beauty therapy in Cape Town. 

“I am still the same girl next door, nothing has changed just that I have a crown on my head. 

I am still in touch with my friends,” she said. 

“My nickname in school was Brookie and I am still called Brookie, and no particular reason behind it. 

I was scouted to model in 2017 by one of the best South African agencies, Boss Models, but during that time I was still in school. 

I only ended up signing with them in 2019 when I went to study in Cape Town.” 

Many thought she was from Borrowdale after the name Brooke which is associated with the leafy gated community, Borrowdale Brooke, but she laughed and confirmed her residence. 

“I stay in Newlands with my family.” 

Young Brooke doing karaoke with friend.

She said besides being a first-timer pageant entrant, modelling was her passion, and has worked with a lot of people through it. 

“I have worked with a few local companies in South Africa, one being Truworths which is well known, and have travelled to Turkey and London for modelling contracts as well.” 

“I chose modelling because it’s always been a passion and hobby, I love the whole process from start to finish, from the make-up to the hair, to the shooting, and to the end product. 

“It is a platform that can help inspire young women to embrace who they are,” explained the blonde model. 

What then did she do with the prize money? 

Yes, of course, she pocketed US$10 000 and consolation prizes from several companies. 

“I am going to use portions of my prize money towards my advocacy. 

I am advocating for the formalisation of the informal market, and I am in the process of working hand in hand with investors and the Ministry of Industry and Commerce to raise funds so that people in the informal sector, especially women have access to micro-finance to expand their businesses and improve their livelihoods because 65 percent of women in our country, trade in the informal market.” 

She said that it was her dream to gain such a title and have the honour to represent the country. 

“I believe I worked hard for it and was willing to keep trying my best.

Brooke with her mother. 

I was completely authentically myself and believed in myself despite how stiff the competition was with the other contestants.” 

But what is her height, although for Miss Universe Zimbabwe there were not many particular requirements as it even included married women, Brooke was a total package in modelling. 

She was one of the youngest in the top 12 and said was going to ensure that Zimbabwe is well-represented at the finale. 

“My height is 183cm and I live a healthy lifestyle through maintaining a healthy diet and exercising I work at Aesthetic Solutions on Ridgeway North.” 

“I am the head aesthetician at the beauty salon and do the facial and body treatments. 

I will not be working for the next few months as my duties and roles have changed and I am now here to serve and love our nation as well as prepare for Miss Universe.” 

“I am so honoured that my title puts me in a position to market brand Zimbabwe. 

Zimbabwe and its people have so much to offer. 

Brooke with her father.

I am going to market the pure talent of Zimbabweans through my national costume that is going to be made by ‘Ivhu Tribe’, our beautiful destinations and tourist attractions, our wildlife, our traditional cuisines, and our culture,” cited Brooke. 

She speaks Shona but is not as fluent as she is in English. 

“I was taught Shona in school and also by my ‘gogo’ who was a big part of my life. 

My role model is the Lord Christ, because I wish to love unconditionally the way he loves us all.” 

Her facts first are very interesting as she said if she wasn’t a model would be a full-time entrepreneur. Brooke loves to eat sadza with meat and vegetables. 

“I am confidently beautiful and fun to be around. I love Jah Prayzah’s music. 

My hobby is sewing and playing paddle.” 

By the way on the night of crowning, she wore a red dress, mesmerising many with the design,  and was it part of her winning strategy? 

“Modelling is a great platform to build one’s self-esteem and confidence and to just embrace uniqueness. 

I wore Samlui Apparel which designed my dress. 

I chose red because it symbolises strength, energy, and passion. 

Red radiates strong and powerful energy,” said a member of Celebration Centre Church.

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