Acting President Mphoko speaks on party violence VP Mphoko
VP Mphoko

VP Mphoko

Pamela Shumba Bulawayo Bureau—
There is a hidden agenda behind acts of violence at Zanu-PF Bulawayo provincial headquarters, Davies Hall, at the weekend, Acting President Phelekezela Mphoko said yesterday. The Acting President said this in an interview with our Bulawayo Bureau yesterday following clashes by rival groups of Zanu-PF members during a provincial coordinating committee (PCC) meeting on Sunday.

Anti-riot police were called to the party’s offices to control some youths, who were trying to stop the PCC meeting, accusing the provincial leadership of supporting national commissar Cde Saviour Kasukuwere.

Some party members were injured, while others were arrested following the violence.
Acting President Mphoko said perpetrators of violence were wasting their time as they would not be elected into power through violence.

“This kind of behaviour is embarrassing and uncalled for,” he said. “It’s caused by people who are so desperate for power. People with no power, have no support and they want to use violence to force people to follow them.

“This country is being ruled by President Mugabe who has been appointed by God and the people of Zimbabwe. We all have to work under the appointed leadership and those who’re not willing to do that can leave the party.”

Acting President Mphoko said violence exhibited by party members was also a sign that some people were trying to hide their mischief through kicking out other people from the party.

“People who are power hungry will always create problems and raise petty issues because they want to force themselves into power,” he said. “Anyone who tries to operate outside the rules and regulations of the party and President Mugabe I can assure you they’re wasting their time.”

On Cde Kasukuwere’s issue, Acting President Mphoko said it was clear that those calling for his ouster simply wanted to replace the national commissar, yet he had no case to answer.

“We’ve had a number of senior party members holding this post,” he said. “These include the late Cdes Moven Mahachi, Border Gezi and Elliot Manyika. They all had no training except for Cde Webster Shamu, who also was once the party’s national commissar.

“Nobody complained. Now, there is Cde Kasukuwere and some people complain and raise issues of training. This shows that their protests are not genuine. They have hidden agendas.

“It’s clear that there’s someone whom they want to force into that position. If that’s the case they should ask President Mugabe to appoint a new commissar rather than embarrass the President and the party leadership.”

Acting President Mphoko said the party would not allow irresponsible and violent people to destroy the party.

“You can’t say you want to rule a country, yet you poison the young people and allow them to embarrass the leadership,” he said. “We want people to respect their leadership, work together and solve their differences through dialogue.

“It’s unacceptable for people to fight one another, yet they belong to one party. It’s unacceptable.”
The party’s national spokesperson Cde Simon Khaya-Moyo on Monday said the disciplinary committee would deal with those found on the wrong side of the party’s code of conduct.

Secretary for youth affairs Cde Kudzanai Chipanga said he had tasked members of his executive in Bulawayo to investigate the cause of the violence.

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