1979 IRANIAN REVOLUTION ON THRESHOLD 45 :A Glimpse of Decades of Valiant Resistance and Prolific Achievements

Arnold Farai Madziwa (Hussein Abu Assad)

The 11th of February 2023 marks 45 years since the onset of the Islamic Revolution of Iran (IRI) which gave birth to the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI).The revolution of 1979 saw a shift from the reign of Shah Reza Pahlavi who was of Persian origins but more loyal and much inclined to America.

His fall from power paved way for Imam Ruhollah Musawi Khomeini who was not only Persian by culture but was loyal, determined and patriotic to the Persian cause.

The excrutiating pains inflicted upon America’s foreign policy by this revolution is reason for their hatred and quest for the starngulation of Iran.

However ,despite the Western hegemonic and demonic attempts to obliterate gains of the revolution ,miraculously IRI has skyrocketed in regards to innovations and achievements.

On top of its domestic achievements ,the Iranian nation has emerged as a regional power that is pivotal as an axis of resistance agaisnt the ludicrous axis of evil (America ,Zionist Israel and their mafia gang crew).

Unlike some of the world’s pre-mature nations ,Iran has an exorbitantly rich historical legacy that can be traced back to legends like Darius and Khurus who led the Persian Empire to great heights .

This rich legacy is a tenet that also fueled the 1979 revolution because it gives hope for Persian prestige and glory.

Besides that ,most of the literature collected in the era of the Islamic Empire is attributed to authors of Persian origin with the likes of Abu Hurayra and Ibn Kathir serving the list.

Prior to 1979 Iran hosted a number of intelectual geniuses in fields of philosophy and mysticism for instance Ayatullah Murtaza Mutanhari ,Dr Ali Shariat and his eminence Iman Khomeini.Great minds can never be encapsulated like silkworm in cocoon so the intellectuals gave mental energies to the masses.

Its somehow similar to the French Revolution of 1786 which began with the philosophical criticism of figures like Voltare and Montesque.

The above historical facts give no reason to doubt that an impecable revolution was imminent to be executed in Iran because the historical situation was indeed ripe.

The achievements of the IRI have taken place in an amazingly protruding and prolific manner that has left onlookers linking it to miraculous activity.

Almost every if not all of its facets of society have dramatically developed ie social fabric,industries,infrastructure,security,resistance ,education and the list is endless.

To mention all the specific examples of its achievements is a mammoth task therefore a few selected examples will be pinpointed since its part of the gist of this article.

Most importantly ,1979 marked the genesis of Iranian sovereign rule and it began as a government by the people also for the people.

The most fundamental political achievements of Iran are conclusive of the adjacent:

1) Being an axis of resistance that stands for itself and for others agaisnt the axis of evil in safeguarding its revolution ,territorial integrity and cutting off hegemonical influence

2)Iran has greatly stressed on the importance of regional co-operation agaisnt warmongering measures of Zionists in the Middle East ,Gulf states and the world at large.

3)Iran boasts of being the only theocratic state in the world which gives precedence to the divine laws before man made laws are taken into consideration .This goes hand in hand with the principles of Islam in which all laws are founded on the divine dictates of God therefore human ego does not affect the formulation of constitutions .

4)An unwavering stance against terrorism of which Iran is also a victim and its unbiased respect of international agreements eg Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and Joint Comprehensive Plan Of Action (JCPOA)

5)Iran as it stands today is a perfect epitome of how democracy and constitutionalism is compatible to Islamic form of governance .Elections are held for presisdential and parliamentary seats .The case is however different with the Supreme Leader of which he is chosen till death by a representative council using criteria of justice,knowledge and piety.This system is far much democratic and better off than the hereditary system of the English Royal Family used in their self proclaimed democratic England.

Within its borders ,the literacy rate of women increased from as little as 35,5% in 1976 to a whooping 79% as we approached year 2000 which is in line with eradication of gender bias as postulated by Millenium Development Goals (MDGs).

Iranian students have won Mathematics and Chemistry competitions taking firts position in the 1997 and 1998 Olympiads respectively.

The Republic has built universities across Iran and made sure literacy is spread among its population.

Since 1979,its energy industry was escalated by development plans which included massive power generation schemes.

This paved way for construction of dams like the Shahid Rojai dam that catered for both domestic and industrial purposes.

The petrochemical industry ,nuclear energy, natural gas and oil sector have already flourished since 1979.

In the agriculture sector that feeds the human engine there have been uncountable strides of development.

Wheat for instance tremendously increased in production.

Animal husbandry and the Shilat (fisheries) which saw a double increase in caviar,shrimp and fish production from 1989-1995.

Technology and medicinal sciences have experienced modern innovation which can be justified by Iran issuing its own Covid 19 vaccine into its museum medicinal innovations.

Iran’s nuclear science sector is undeniably blooming but sometimes affected by the vile jealousy of the West which resorted to the killing scientists for instance 33 years old Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan killed on 1 November 2012 .

Iran’s banking system has never depreciated to its anihilation even though it has battled with a set of sanctions and the freezing of multi billions of foreign assets.

On top of being sanctioned plus freezing of assets ,destabilisation was enforced on Iran with incidence like the Iran-Iraq war during Saddam Hussein and the Zionist agenda of creating proxy wars of destabilising the Middle East and the Persian Gulf.

When sanctions and destabilisation proved futile ,the Western hegemony resorted to use of its clandestine media facilities.

Iran was portrayed as a terror inflictor and war mongering nation but all their Islamophobic and Iranophobic accusations were nullified as the 21st century is providing a wider range of media outlets.

This technological somersault has enabled me for example ,a resident of Mutare in Zimbabwe to watch Press TV Iran and to watch a program called Women of Iran on Zimbabwean television.

The media has made the world much smaller ,made us more closer and familiar to one another and facts on the ground prove that Iran is a resisting victim versus Zionism which seems irrational and aggressive in its political execution .

As a protagonist of the Power of Positive Thinking,one shouldnt delve much into the sinister challenges that the nation has battled but rather focus on the necessary steps it took to overcome the Zionist viruses.

Necesity is the mother of invention and the sanctions on Iran left it a necessity for the Iranians to bring about homegrown solutions to their woes.

Apparently the innate unity of purpose within the DNA of its citizenry enabled the flourishing of a vital collective effort.



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