Zuva to launch new products


Business Reporter

One of the country’s leading fuel company Zuva Petroleum is set to launch two new products, a fuel card and coupon aimed at bring convenience to their customers. Zuva’s chief operating officer Mr Zwelithini Mlotshwa said they had taken time to introduce the products because they wanted to come up with unique offerings to what their competitors already have.“We took our time to craft these two products to suit the needs of our customers. Our unique fuel card offers SMS updates at every purchase, online updates on all transactions, alerts when your fuel account balance is low ensuring you never run out of credit unknowingly.

“This aspect is especially important to people that are always on the go. Our coupon on the other hand is not just a coupon, we have introduced a coupon management system which allows for coupons to be activated and deactivated giving customers peace of mind should they, by some misfortune, lose their coupon,” he said.

In addition Mr Mlotshwa said the card has two wallets, a fuel wallet and an FBC instant bank account wallet.

“To activate the FBC instant account, customers will need to visit any FBC branch nationwide. While the fuel wallet can only be used at selected Zuva service stations for the purchase of all fuel products, the FBC wallet (magstripe) can be used at any outlet which accepts Zim Switch cards.

Chief executive Bethwell Gumbo said that they were dedicated to introducing products that benefit their clients.

“We value the security and peace of mind of our customers. They have a lot to do in a single day and if we can offer them a sense of relief in one aspect, then we know we have done a good job.

“Our two products offer security, convenience and flexibility and because we are passionate about innovation – we will continue to develop these products based on customer’s needs.

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