ZSE offers guidance to prospective issuers

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The Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE) has unveiled its new Prospective Issuers Training Programme aimed at promoting new listings on the domestic bourse.

ZSE chief executive Mr Justin Bgoni officially launched the initiative last week Friday.

The new training programme seeks to equip potential issuers with the know-how for future initial public offers or other listing methods.

The programme, offered for free as part of the ZSE’s growth strategy, offers guidance, support, and mentorship to help potential issuers navigate the capital markets.

“As part of the strategic initiatives of the ZSE to promote listings, the prospective issuers training programme is a structured initiative designed to offer guidance, support, and mentorship to potential issuers who are interested in accessing the capital markets through an initial public offering other listing methods,” Mr Bgoni said in a statement.

The programme takes a hands-on approach with practical sessions to guide and support companies at every stage of the listing journey.

Led by industry experts from the capital markets ecosystem, the programme covers crucial areas like the listing process, which entails learning different paths to listing, timelines, and key milestones.

It also covers issues related to listing requirements, compliance and market dynamics for potential listings to understand the rules, regulations and market forces at play as well as get insights and strategies to overcome common hurdles.

In addition, the training programme will focus on financial and integrated reporting, corporate governance, investor relations and communication and investor pitches.

Furthermore, the intensive three-month program, divided into three sessions, empowers companies with the knowledge and tools to thrive in the public markets.

Benefits for prospective issuers include expanding funding options by accessing a vast pool of investors through an exchange listing, and gaining greater visibility and credibility, leading to strengthened customer loyalty with a stronger brand image.

The programme also trains companies in negotiation skills, enabling them to secure better deals with suppliers thanks to their higher market profile while enhancing their financial credibility, leading to lower interest rates on loans.

It acts as a magnet for top talent while granting access to a network of expert advisors and consultants who can provide tailored guidance throughout the listing journey and beyond.

The programme delves into pursuing mergers, acquisitions, and disposals with agility, maximising value for stakeholders and gaining the tools to implement robust governance structures, fostering sound decision-making and securing long-term business success.

“The ZSE’s new training programme is an invaluable resource for companies considering an IPO,” said an analyst with a local research firm.

 “The practical workshops and industry insights will be instrumental in preparing potential issuers successful listing journey.”

“It will play a significant role in expanding the ZSE’s issuer base and fostering a more dynamic and inclusive capital market in Zimbabwe.”

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