ZSE boss denies abuse charges


Prosper Dembedza Court Correspondent
Zimbabwe Stock Exchange chief executive Alban Dhladhla Chirume once set dogs on his wife Susan Mutangadura, a magistrate heard on Monday in a domestic dispute that has spilled into the courts.

Chirume, who is on free bail, is accused of contravening the Domestic Violence Act, but denies the allegations, raising counter-accusations of abuse by Mutangadura.

During cross-examination, Mutangadura said the ZSE boss was violent and once dragged her on the tarmac last year.

“He has been carrying out acts of violence towards me and at one point he even set dogs on me and I have a torn skirt to prove the attack,” she said.

The magistrate, Mr Arnold Maburo, adjourned the matter to tomorrow.

Allegations are that Chirume removed his wife’s property from No. 41 Harare Drive to No. 52 Borrowdale Road without her knowledge and approval.

Mutangadura was alerted by her maid and she drove to No. 41 Harare Drive and found the gate locked. A security guard allegedly told Mutangadura that Chirume had instructed him not to allow her into the premises.

The court heard that Mutangadura climbed the pre-cast wall to get into the house. Chirume emerged from the house and a scuffle ensued.

Mutangadura reported the matter to the police.

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