ZRU get new brooms

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ZRU get new brooms BREAKING NEW GROUND . . . Bright Chivandire is happy to see local rugby clubs getting a chance to compete in the tougher South African Gold Cup

The Herald

chivandireTHE Zimbabwe Rugby Union have given the newly-appointed national coaches the mandate to ensure their teams qualify for the major tournament like the World Cup and the Olympics in the next four years.

ZRU director of rugby Brighton Chivandire yesterday unveiled the five new coaches for the national teams who had been given four-year terms.

He said the assistant coaches will be announced next month after consultations with the head coaches on their choice of support staff.

As exclusively reported by The Herald yesterday, Cyprian Mandenge was unveiled as the new Sables head coach and he takes over from Brendon Dawson whose term expired.

Daniel Hondo, a former Cheetahs captain and assistant coach, is the men’s Sevens’ coach and will take over from Gilbert Nyamutsamba while Abigail Kawonza will be in charge of the women’s Sevens team.

George Mukorera will lead the women’s 15s team, the Pangolins.

St George’s College teacher and former national Under-18 assistant coach, Brendon Brider, is the new Under-20 coach.

“Obviously, there were several candidates that applied for these posts and some of them were highly competent coaches and we are proud to announce that these coaches managed to pass,” said Chivandire.

“Specific targets have been set for the coaches of the specific national teams.

“In general, we start with the Sables, the flagship team and we are looking forward to 2019 qualification for the World Cup and that is our main aim.

“But as we walk the path towards 2019 World Cup, there are continental and regional tournaments that we have to play and the head coach has to be responsible for those.

“It’s that pathway that we will use to 2019 World Cup.”

Chivandire said the Young Sables should bounce back and play at the Junior Rugby World Cup, where they had been missing for the past two editions.

“We have not qualified for the Junior Rugby World Cup for the past two years and one of the Key Performance Indicators would be making sure that we qualify for that competition,” said Chivandire.

The 39-year old Mandenge who is also the sports director at Eaglesvale School, said he was happy with the challenge. “The first thing that I need to do is to get a database. There are a lot of players in the country and outside who can play.

“I am head coach, yes, but there are also a lot of coaches who need to be involved as well and even the corporate world.

“Everyone from all corners of the world can come if the resources are available,” said Chivandire — Sportszone

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