Paul Munyuki Sports Correspondent
ZIMBABWE Rugby Union’s appointment of a new chief executive has torched controversy following a process that was flawed, with three people getting employed from the job interview.

In trying to cover up for the controversy that surrounds the unjustified appointment of Blessing Chiutare as Colleen de Jong’s replacement, ZRU president Nyararai Sibanda claimed it was the duty of World Rugby to make the appointment.

“World Rugby appoints and at this stage we have furnished them with our shortlist of candidates and we wait for respective choice. We are unable to do so as they gave us express instructions,’’ said Sibanda in a statement to the media.

Yet, Sibanda’s cover has been blown as he is trying to arm-twist the rugby fraternity into believing that Chiutare — who happens to be the least qualified amongst the list of applicants — was the best man for the job.

The list of people who applied for the post include veteran sports administrators Ezra Zigarwe (Zimbabwe Olympic Committee and rugby), Kays Kanyangarara (hockey), Noddy Kanyangarara (rugby), Alex Majongwe, Liberty Maidza (tertiary games) and Sebastian Garikai (rugby and athletics).

Raymond Gonte and former Delta Beverages employee Fortune Zungu completed the list. But, from an interview that was supposed to come up with only one successful candidate, two other posts were filled — that of media manager and operations director though they were not advertised for. It is, however, not surprising that Sibanda picked his former subordinate Zungu to lead the operations, while Gonte was appointed as the new media manager.

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