ZRP to shoot to kill armed criminals Pallbearers carry the coffin bearing the body of the Police Inspector Maxwell Hove during a church service at Mkushi Depot (former Morris Depot) in Harare yesterday. — Picture: Joseph Manditswara.

Freeman Razemba, Victor Maphosa and Tedious Manyepo

Police have declared that they will not hesitate to shoot and kill all perpetrators of violent criminal activities to ensure members of the public live in a peaceful and crime-free environment.

A spate of armed robberies in the last few months and the horrific fatal shooting of three people by a lone gunman in Hwedza last Friday afternoon, have heightened apprehension in society, prompting authorities to adopt a tougher stance on gun-related crimes.

Police Commissioner-General Godwin Matanga revealed the stringent measures during the funeral service for the officer-in-charge of Wedza Police Station, Inspector Maxwell Hove (43) who was one of the three people shot and killed, allegedly by former Criminal Investigation Department (CID) officer, Jaison Muvevi.

The other two murder victims Crispen Mubvana Kanerusine (62) of Zinzombe Village, Hwedza and Munashe Majanhi (20) of Majanhi Village, Hwedza were buried in Hwedza yesterday while the murder suspect, Muvevi, is now in police custody and appeared in court yesterday.


Speaking during the church service, Comm-Gen Matanga said it was worrisome that firearms continued to be used in the commission of a plethora of heinous crimes in the country.

“I join you ladies and gentlemen with a heavy heart as we mourn a gallant son, Inspector Maxwell Hove who passed away on January 13, 2023. 

“The dear departed, is no doubt, one of our illustrious police officers who unfortunately lost his life in gruesome circumstances in the line of duty at Chitope Village in Hwedza. What pains us most is the fact that Maxwell dedicated his life to protecting fellow citizens from societal misfits. 

“It is indeed disheartening to note that as a nation, we continue to lose police officers through grisly murders perpetrated by fellow citizens. 

“Without doubt, it can never be right for any individual not to respect the sanctity of human life. We have also gathered with concern that despite Government’s amnesty on holders of unregistered firearms to surrender them, many such weapons are being recovered at crime scenes,” said Comm Gen Matanga. 

Police, he said, will not stand akimbo while innocent citizens, let alone police officers are being decimated by unruly malcontents.

“Those with unregistered firearms would be deemed to have a criminal intent and would be liable for prosecution. Consequently, police officers would not hesitate to shoot to kill all perpetrators of heinous crimes such as armed robbery,” he said. 

Inspector Hove was attested into the police force on May 17, 1999 and rose through the ranks to become an inspector. 

During his 23-year service, Insp Hove worked at various police stations across the country, including Chivhu, Harare Central, Milton Park and Mutawatawa, among others. 

“As the officer-in-charge, Inspector Hove received a report of murder in which a church elder at the Johane Masowe weChishanu Apostolic shrine had been killed in cold blood. 

“He assembled a reaction team, which he then led to the crime scene. A shoot-out ensued with the accused person which led to Inspector Hove losing his precious life while Detective Constable Mugova sustained injuries on the right arm and lower abdomen,” said Comm Gen Matanga. 

Police Commissioner General Godwin Matanga addresses mourners during a memorial service for slain  Wedza Officer In Charge Inspector Maxwell Hove at Mkushi Depot in Harare yesterday.

“The challenge is not only to his peers but to the entire rank and file to ensure that we diligently discharge our duties so that his death is not in vain. Let me take this opportunity to express my gratitude to our Mozambican counterparts for their cooperation in arresting the fugitive, Jaison Muvevi.” 

He said investigations on Muvevi were still continuing while he was in custody.

Relatives, the Minister of State for Mashonaland East Provincial Affairs Cde Aplonia Munzverengwi, friends, senior and junior police officers attended the service.

Family spokesperson Mr Elvis Ngarakani said Insp Hove would execute every task that he was given to attend to by family members.

Relatives hold Nelia Hove, the widow of slain police Inspector Maxwell Hove (inset)during the body viewing at Mkushi Depot  in Harare yesterday.— Pictures: Joseph Manditswara.

“We have lost a unifier and a hard worker. I am a former police inspector. I grew up with Maxwell and when he was young, I groomed him before I assisted him to also become a policeman. I also worked with him and he was a hard worker. As a family we are pained by his death,” he said.

Cousin, Mr Boniface Munengiwa said: “We have lost someone who would unite us. He would even take care of our social welfare, including assisting us with cash.

“He would make sure that everyone of us was happy and he was a breadwinner among us. His departure is a great loss,” he said.

Minister Munzwerengi, who also comes from Hwedza District, said she was shocked to learn about the death of Insp Hove and two other people on the same day in Hwedza. 

“Most people are still trying to understand what transpired on the fateful day. However, I am happy that the perpetrator has been arrested because most people in Hwedza were now living in fear with most of them staying behind closed doors. It is my hope that the law will take its course,” she said.

Meanwhile, Kanerusine and Mujanhi were buried yesterday in their respective villages while Insp Hove will be buried in Mberengwa today. Insp Hove is survived by his wife, Nelia and four children.

Members of the Johane  Masowe weChishanu carry a coffin bearing the body of Crispen Kanerusine popularly known as Madzibaba Sirage, during the burial in Zinzombe Village, Hwedza yesterday.

A sombre atmosphere engulfed Zinzombe village during the burial of Mr Kanerusine, a prophet with Johane Masowe weChishanu sect.

Popularly known as Madzibaba Sirage, Mr Kanerusine was laid to rest at his homestead where thousands of his church congregants converged to pay their last respects to the revered prophet.

He was allegedly shot dead at close range by Muvevi during a church service and died instantly.

Before the burial of the prophet, the Muvevi family arrived to condole with the Kanerusine family whom they gave US$300 to help cover funeral expenses.

Mr Bornface Mudzamiri, representing the Muvevi family, said the family was also pained by the loss of lives.

He said they were there to make peace with the Kanerusines and would use every channel to ensure there was peace, and that all the necessary traditional and cultural steps were taken.

“We are also grieving so we came here to appeal to them to allow us to join them in mourning. We brought some cash to contribute to meeting burial expenses,” Mr Mudzamiri said.

Brother to the deceased, Mr Fanuel Kanerusine, said he did not understand why his brother, a humble and hardworking man, died in that manner.

“We are not sure why he was killed in that manner. But when I came here, I heard it was because of the prophecy he had done on Jaison but still, he was not supposed to die in that manner.”

He said the family had accepted the gesture by the Muvevi family, although it was a difficult decision to make.

A sombre atmosphere engulfed Zinzombe village during the burial of Mr Kanerusine, a prophet with Johane Masowe weChishanu sect.

The deceased’s daughter, Ms Alice Kanerusine, was at a loss for words and could not stop tears streaming down her cheeks.

“We leave everything in God’s hands,” was all she could say.

Madzibaba Sirage left behind two wives and three children.

A local company, Forever Associates Zimbabwe, donated US$500 to each of the two families for funeral costs.  

As the coffin bearing the remains of Munashe Majanhi was lowered to his final resting place, his best friend Spencer Taengwa looked blank.

He followed the sad proceedings from a distance while cupping his cheeks in his hands.

Majanhi was buried in Musekanehuku Village in Ruswa where relatives and friends could not view the body which was now in a bad state.

His body, just like that of Madzibaba Crispen was only removed from the crime scene on Saturday afternoon as there was panic and pandemonium given that the assailant had not yet been arrested.

“I talked to Munashe on Friday around  12pm. We always talked and on Friday, I wanted to visit him at his workplace in Mukamba. We later agreed that I would visit him a day after. I never imagined that the next thing I would be doing was waving him goodbye without even being able to see his face,” said Taengwa.

“I am pained, I can’t really explain how I am feeling right now. When the news broke to me, I just thought it was one of those bad dreams from which I would be able to wake up.”

In graveside eulogies, Majanhi was described as a respectful, disciplined and sociable person. 

His uncle Jonathan, a kombi driver with whom he once worked as a bus conductor said: “To imagine that my nephew lost his life in such brutal manner is as sad as it is hurting,” he said.

“I am talking of a boy who I saw not only as a nephew, but as a brother. We used to work together along the Hwedza-Murambinda route. We worked together smoothly and he used to tell me that he wanted to one day own a business.”

His grandfather Mr Lazarus Majanhi-Chinengundu, who raised him, said Munashe was killed at a time he was starting to look after his mother, Francisca.

“Munashe grew up under my custody. He went to St Mathias Ruswa Primary and Secondary Schools and he was a disciplined boy. He started work at the bar in Mukamba in December last year and he was starting to look after his mother well,” said Chinengundu.

“I don’t know where to start. When I heard about his passing on, I thought it was a lie because I had talked to him four days earlier.

Muvevi, who was born and bred in Negombwe Village under Chief Ruzane, was arrested in Mozambique on Monday morning after three days on the run.

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