ZRP dismisses social media terrorist claims Assistant Commissioner Nyathi

Herald Reporter
The Zimbabwe Republic Police has dismissed a message circulating on social media that there are some terrorists linked to north-eastern Nigeria based Jihadist militant organisation, Boka Haram, in the country. In a statement, national police spokesperson Chief Superintendent Paul Nyathi said the force never issued such a statement.

“The Zimbabwe Republic Police would like to dismiss the false and fake press statement circulating on social media platforms, particularly WhatsApp, with the contempt it deserves,” he said. “No such statement has been issued by the police.

“The ZRP are now investigating the origins and import of this false message on alleged terrorists in the country.”
Chief Supt Nyathi said the security services were on high alert and would deal with any criminal elements that might want to cause disturbances in the country.

“The security services in the country will remain alert and will certainly account for criminal elements who would want to cause alarm and despondency,” he said.

The statement on Boko Haram, purported to have emanated from the Police General Headquarters, warns members of the public to be on their guard, especially at night.

It also implied that the country was under a state of emergency and that people should, among other things, not move around alone, but in numbers, barricade themselves in their houses at night and to keep weapons to protect themselves.
It also urged people to phone the police in case of emergency.

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