ZPCS, CAG buses host party for people with disabilities

08 Dec, 2021 - 15:12 0 Views
ZPCS, CAG buses host party for people with disabilities Dr Afra Nhanhanga Chinhamu addressing school children at Ruvimbo special school.

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Precious Manomano Herald Reporter
Ruvimbo special school for the physically and mentally challenged in Sotherton was recently treated to an early Christmas with Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services (ZPCS) in collaboration with the director of CAG buses and friends hosted a Christmas party for them.

The aim of the party was to foster a greater sense of team spirit within the institution, giving children with disabilities the chance to meet and socialise in a relaxed and enjoyable environment.

During the Christmas party celebrations, (ZPCS) deputy commissioner-general Dr Granisio Musango said his organisation is concerned about the welfare of people urging society to accept children with disabilities.

“We are not only concerned about the prisoners so we are here to show our love and celebrate with these innocent souls. I am happy that the school authorities together with parents are also doing a great job of taking care of these children,” she said.

CAG buses director Dr Afra Nhanhanga-Chinhamu also said societal attitudes towards people with disabilities should change.

“It is not an individual choice to have children with disabilities as such people should feel for these mothers. Relatives, let’s give love and support each other in caring for children with disabilities,” she said.

District Schools Inspector(DSI) for Highfield and Glen Norah Mr Joseph Kabasa said they were grateful to ZPCS and CAG buses for the support and love they have shown to the children at the institution.

According to World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates, 10 percent of Zimbabwe’s total population is disabled. Most of them face exclusion from economic activities and lack access to proper health care.

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