Zol targets presence in 100 000 homes

29 Jan, 2015 - 00:01 0 Views

The Herald

Conrad Mwanawashe Business Reporter
INTERNET service provider Zol Zimbabwe expects to have a presence in more than 100 000 homes through its fibre optic internet by the end of this year. Zol Zimbabwe has so far covered more than 30 000 homes in Harare and is in line to connect about 30 000 more in the next few months. By the end of the year the company targets more households to be on its fibre optic internet.

The company yesterday launched the “Basic Essential” Fibroniks package that is priced at $39, making it the lowest priced fibre based internet service in the country.

Launching the product, Zol Zimbabwe chief executive officer Mr Denny Marandure said about 80 homes are signing up to fibre per week.

“As the leading Internet Service Provider in Zimbabwe, we are cognisant of our responsibility in this internet ecosystem to be at the forefront of enabling access to high speed internet to more people and more homes. Today’s kids and young adults have never known a world without wireless or the Internet. With their sense of empowerment and a craving for new technology, these digital millennials have basically transformed this technology into ‘a basic human need’,” said Mr Marandure.

He said the new product enables ultra fast fibre internet at the bargain price.

“The speed of access is not comparable to anything on the local market right now. ZOL Fibroniks customers will not be affected by rain or lightning. The cornerstone of our value creation is the quality of our network and the network experience,” said Mr Marandure.

ZOL’s parent company, Liquid Telecom Group, has taken the lead through the deployment of a nationwide fibre broadband network that is playing a key role in the economic development of the country and the quality of life of internet access.

The new product is accessible immediately in certain areas in Harare, Mutare, and Bulawayo and over the coming weeks and months will be rapidly extended to more middle income households in the country.

The latest Posts and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe statistics show that fibre connections are still less than one percent of all internet connections locally.

Zol Zimbabwe chief operating officer Mr Gerald Jaya said; “We have covered about 30 000 homes in Harare. We have moved into suburbs in Bulawayo, Victoria Falls, Mutare. In Bulawayo we are going to cover 12 000 homes, in Victoria Falls 6 000 and a further 6 000 in Mutare.”

The company said delays in full roll out are due to bureaucracy in some councils for approval to deploy fibre optic cables.

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