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ZOLphone: 08677… the last number you’ll ever need

ZOLphone is a phone service by ZOL Zimbabwe that runs over an internet connection, offering crystal clear voice calls to anywhere in the world using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology. VOIP technology leverages on the already expansive Internet and Data networks to carry telephone calls.The technology itself isn’t new. It’s been in use since the inception of Internet (almost).

How does it work

VOIP works by coding your voice so that it can be sent over the Internet.


VoIP can be setup on so many devices! Including your smartphone, personal computer, VOIP capable switchboards and telephone handsets made specifically for VOIP services.

Once setup, all you need is an Internet connection and you’ll be able to make calls the same way you always have on your traditional phone.

Zolphone benefits

The major benefit of ZOLphone, is low cost calling to any network local or international with per second billing, ensuring you’re only charged for the second used. On-net calls on ZOL voice are free.

ZOLphone will greatly reduce your telephone bill when compared to services on other networks.

Besides the benefit of being able to make cheap calls, ZOLphone comes with excellent services and features.

It can do so much more than an ordinary telephone service. ZOLphone gives you caller ID, voicemail to email, call diverts, multiple simultaneous calls on a single line.

ZOLphone brings value added features to call systems such as Interactive Voice Response (IVR) , auto attendant, conference call, video calling to mention a few!

For businesses, Zolphone can be integrated with existing telephone reducing setup costs and getting the service up and running within a few minutes.

Moving offices is no longer a hassle. Wherever you move to, your ZOLphone line moves with you.

Advanced call features makes the services suitable for most situations be it single use, small business or even large organisations.

Advanced routing features opens up the possibility of many more features than can be tailor made to suit any situation.

ZOL Fibroniks Phone service

ZOL delivers ZOLphone services for residential customers bundled with the Fibroniks Package.

When ZOL Fibroniks is provisioned, the ZOLphone service is also activated on the same premise equipment.

A free telephone number is provided to every ZOL Fibroniks customer so that they can enjoy ZOL Voice Services immediately.

In order to ensure guaranteed, best voice experience ZOL provides a dedicated voice channel on the Fibroniks package, which separates voice traffic from the Internet service.

ZOL Fibroniks Phone service packages

ZOL’s phone service is free when you get Fibroniks. This means no application process and no monthly rental fee.

On-Net calls are free, meaning all those on ZOL’s phone service can enjoy unlimited free talk time when calling each other.

ZOL Corporates Voice Service: ZOL Zimbabwe offers a secure PBX for VoIP-based telephony service, hosted on ZOL platforms.

Simply call their sales team to get your account created and their technical team will help to deploy your secure virtual office solution for you.

Conference Services

ZOL Zimbabwe offers dynamic conference services in which subscribers can access a conference bridge service via conference room shared by participants.

ZOL Voice Reduced Tariffs :

ON-NET calls – 08677 to 08677 cost: $0,00

VoIP Calls to All local Mobile Networks : $0.10

VoIP Calls to local Landlines : $0.10

VoIP Calls to International available per country.

Tariffs valid at time of printing

Call the ZOL team on 08677 111 111 or download the myZOL App for Android or iOS.

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