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ZOL launches myZOL mobile application

24 Sep, 2015 - 00:09 0 Views

The Herald

Improving and excelling in customer experience is a top priority for ZOL Zimbabwe (ZOL). As one of their initiatives in achieving this goal, ZOL has recently introduced and launched the myZOL mobile application, which is accessible from Google Play and Apple Store.

The myZOL application is yet another platform that will enable both current and potential customers to keep in touch with ZOL, find out more about products and services offered, search through common questions regarding ZOL services as well as keep tabs on their accounts.

The first version of the myZOL application has many exciting features which include the following:

My Account — Any active ZOL customers is able to access their account details from the application. If one does not have a myZOL account, she/he is able to create one using his/her ZOL Customer ID. Once logged in, the customers are able to view invoices, check outstanding balance on their account/s, and see what services they are subscribed to and update information such as billing email address or contact numbers. Customers are also able to check the status of your account

Latest News — Get the latest news updates

Survey — Take part in various surveys, giving ZOL feedback and ideas on various issues

Our Products — Find out more about the wide range of products and services that ZOL has to offer including ZOL Fibroniks, ZOL Broadband and ZOLphone.

Knowledge-base — Browse through the Knowledge-base to get various tips and information to questions that may arise about any product or service.

Social Media — Follow ZOLon Twitter and Instagram using myZOL app. Any contributions or feedback, as long as the hashtags #PoweredByZOL or #LiveLikeThis are used, will appear on the feed.

Submit a ticket — Customers are able to submit tickets that will go directly to the ZOL Support team for assistance.

Contact Us — Use the various options available to get in touch with the ZOL team (Support, Sales, Billing), connect with us online via the website, Facebook or Twitter. Live Chat is also available for instant live support or sales enquiries.

ZOLspot Finder — With the introduction of the free ZOLspot access, or for a ZOL Fibroniks customer who is on Fibroniks on the Go, customers will be able to search for ZOLspot locations.

ZOL is already working on a second version to add extra functionality and value to the end user.

For current customers, the ability to make payments and do account top ups will be added.

Users should also look forward to signing up and paying for new or extra products and services.

ZOL Zimbabwe believes in making the connection with and improving the service provision for the customer, which is what the myZOL application aims to achieve.

ZOL ON! You deserve to live like this.

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