ZNCC boss evicted

ZNCC boss evicted

gavel_court-1Court Reporter
Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce president Mr Hlanganiso Matangaidze has been evicted from the Jairos Jiri Association-owned building in Mutare, where he has been running Gulliver’s Nite Club. The charity successfully sought an eviction order against Mr Matangaidze owing to non-payment of rent.

In the court ruling, Mutare magistrate Mr Lanton Mukwengi granted Jairos Jiri an eviction order considering that Mr Matangaidze had no defence to offer.

“Annexure B to the applicant’s papers clearly reveals that respondent signed as a tenant on behalf of Gulliver’s Club. He has not denied that he has failed to pay rentals and that he is in arrears. In a nutshell, application for eviction is hereby granted as prayed for since respondent has no defence to offer,” he said.

“Applicant in this matter is applying for eviction order. Applicant and respondent entered into a lease agreement for the lease of applicant’s premises at stand number 298 First Street. It is alleged that respondent has failed to pay rentals.

“Applicant attached Annexure C, D, E which reveal the claims made of overdue payments. Applicant has also revealed that they even instituted an action case number 1847/13 so as to recover arrears rentals. Respondent has not challenged the cancellation of the lease or the three months notice.

“Respondent has not disputed that applicant sued him and that applicant was successful under case number 1847/13. Under this case number respondent was sued representing Gullivers Club by the applicant. On the other hand, respondent has not disputed that indeed three months notice was given for him to vacate the premises.”

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