Zivhu rolls out campaign to instil patriotism

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Zivhu rolls out campaign to instil patriotism Dr Zivhu

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Panashe Machakaire Herald Reporter
The Killer Zivhu Foundation will this month launch a #My Nation First, Me Second campaign to help instil a sense of patriotism to ensure people take part in the country’s development without considering their different affiliations.

Addressing journalists in Harare yesterday, the foundation’s president and Chivi South Member of Parliament Cde Killer Zivhu said for the economy to develop, there was need for transformation of mindsets.

He said this required total focus on development from everyone, including those living in the Diaspora.

Cde Zivhu said everyone should realise that they were Zimbabwean first before considering their political or social affiliations.

“The dream of the nation is for everybody; personal dreams suffocate the country and do not benefit the country in any way,” he said.

“Let’s put our country first above our personal interests.

“Being Zimbabwean is our birthright and this is where we belong, even though we can settle in other countries.

“One can never have a true sense of belonging in a foreign country and this is where our loyalty should lie.”

Cde Zivhu said political, religious and cultural differences should not be interpreted as divisions among the people.

“We all belong to the same country Zimbabwe as one,” he said.

“We should unite on the grounds of being Zimbabweans. Our divisions should not stop us from putting the nation first.

“Every problem is solved by dialogue across the world and the love of our motherland should come from the heart.

“Therefore, it is the duty of every Zimbabwean to prioritise unity, development and progress in preparation for the coming generations.”

Cde Zivhu said putting the nation first should be a priority at all levels of society.

“If we put our country first and our opinion second, Zimbabwe can be easily built,” he said.

“Let us campaign for a better Zimbabwe for the next generations.

“We are planning to launch this campaign in a different way as the Killer Zivhu Foundation.

“We are thinking of visiting the disadvantaged people in the villages on Christmas Day and share the little we have since we are putting our nation first.”

Cde Zivhu said Zimbabweans at all levels should prioritise their nation, adding that failure would be defeated if people truly loved their nation.

He urged politicians, business people, sportspersons, students and the generality of the populace to realise that without Zimbabwe, they perhaps would not have made it.

“Personal gains, group benefits, political benefits and religious benefits should be second priority and whenever there is a difference in opinion, let’s come together and avoid the suffering of ordinary Zimbabweans,” said Cde Zivhu.

“Businesses, be it manufacturing, retailing, service provision etc should be for the development and progression of our country.

“Profiteering at the expense of ordinary Zimbabweans will not help in any way, but makes lives difficult for fellow citizens.”

Cde Zivhu said the campaign would be done through the provision of regalia to popularise the #My Nation First, Me Second and ensure people were aware of its purposes.

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