Zivhu hits back at Mliswa Killer Zivhu
Killer Zivhu

Killer Zivhu

Innocent Ruwende Herald Reporter
The war of words between Zimbabwe Amalgamated Housing Association (ZAHA) director Dr Killer Zivhu and Norton legislator Mr Temba Mliswa over the Galloway housing project in the area has escalated.

Dr Zivhu’s organisation is developing land in the Galloway part of Norton, with a number of his clients having already built their houses after purchasing the stands.

Mr Mliswa has made a police report against Dr Zivhu over what he claims are shady land transactions in the town.

Reacting to Mr Mliswa’s comments made over the weekend, Dr Zivhu said the legislator was not qualified to comment on his projects. “Mliswa is not a member of ZAHA and he does not have a residential stand at Galloway for him to be the complainant and make a police report. If our members, those who have bought stands from us, have any issues with ZAHA they should report to the police, not for Mliswa to do so.

“Mliswa is representing himself through cheap politics after realising that people did not vote for him because they wanted him to lead, but because they were disgruntled because of other reasons. Even if it was a baboon, it was going to win. In this instance, the clueless and confused monkey (Mr Mliswa) was ushered to Parliament by default,” he said.

Dr Zivhu said there were people of high regard in society who were ZAHA’s clients in Galloway. “These people include those in the Judiciary like magistrates, teachers, police and army officers,” he said.

He said everything with regards to the Galloway project was being done aboveboard. “Titles deeds are not like birth certificates which can be obtained soon after giving birth, it is a process. We applied for a parallel development permit so that people can build their homes while we finalise the process of title deeds.

“This is the process followed in many of the housing development projects in the country, perhaps Mliswa is not well versed with this,” Dr Zivhu said.

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