Zivhu comes to school’s rescue

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Zivhu comes to school’s rescue Chivi Rural District Council chairman Cde Killer Zivhu chats to Gumbonzvanda High School headmaster Mr Alfred Chirimo (centre) and zanu-pf Hwedza North National Assembly candidate Cde Tino Machakaire before he donated 400 bags of cement to the school on Saturday

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Gumbonzvanda High School in Hwedza has received 400 bags of cement from Chivi Rural District Council chairperson Cde Killer Zivhu to start building a boarding school for hundreds of disadvantaged children staying at a community hall and a nearby growth point.

The schoolchildren live in squalid conditions after they left their homes to cut the long distances they used to travel daily.

Gumbonzvanda High School authorities were once warned by Government in 2015 to close the boarding facilities it offered at the community hall.

The school was established in 1981 and has an enrolment of 1 100 pupils, of which 250 are boarders.

Addressing delegates at a resource mobilisation event for building materials last Saturday after donating 400 bags of cement to the school, Cde Zivhu said Zimbabweans should unite to improve the lives of disadvantaged communities.

He said the new dispensation led by President Mnangagwa was in the process of turning around the economic fortunes of the country so that children have a better future.

“I am here to pledge my support for the construction of new hostels which will see our children learning in a safe environment,” said Cde Zivhu.

“I will first donate 400 bags of cement for the completion of the girl’s hostels, as well as the construction of the boy’s hostels.

“As Zimbabweans, we should unite and complement Government’s efforts regardless of the province we come from. I am an aspiring zanu-pf National Assembly member for Chivi South, but l am here today with the little assistance that l have.”

Cde Zivhu took the opportunity to campaign for President Mnangagwa by urging people in Hwedza to take on his idea called “One is five for ED”, which ensures that every person encourages four others to vote for the President in the harmonised elections on July 30.

Gumbonzvanda High School headmaster Mr Alfred Chirimo thanked Dr Zivhu’s good gesture, saying he responded promptly the moment he was told of the school’s plight.

He said the school had the potential to be one of the best in the country as it has an Advanced Level pass rate of 95 percent.

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