Zinwa increases tariffs

Elita Chikwati  Senior Agriculture Reporter

The Zimbabwe National Water Authority (Zinwa) has applied to the Ministry of Lands, Agriculture, Fisheries, Water and Rural Development for an increase in treated and raw water tariffs.

Consumers will in the interim, pay the proposed new tariffs with effect from November 1.

Zinwa said the hike is in response to the sharp increase in the cost of key water resources management inputs such as electricity, fuel, spares, water treatment chemicals and other obligations since the last tariff review in July 2020.

Zinwa’s corporate communications department said: “In coming up with the interim tariff, the authority was guided by the need to strike a delicate balance between service provision and affordability of water.”

For raw water, Zinwa has increased tariffs for commercial agriculture A2 farmers, local authorities and industry to $898.35 per mega litre (ML) while communal farmers will pay $134,75/ML.

A1 farmers will now pay $170,69 and commercial agriculture (estates) will pay $1 212, 77 and mining sector $8, 983. 49 per ML.

For domestic use Zinwa is now charging $58, 47 per cubic meter for 1-10 cubic metre band, $101, 35 per cubic metre for 21-30 cubic metres and $120, 85 per cubic metre for a band above 50 cubic metres.

Government will now pay $ 93,56 per cubic metre for 1-10 cubic metre band and $124,75 per cubic metre for the band above 50 cubic metres.

Parastatals will pay $132, 54 per cubic metre while schools, churches and institutions will pay $85,76 per cubic metre for a 1-26 cubic metre band, $116, 95 per cubic metre for 51 -100 cubic metre band and $155 93 per cubic metre band for above 100 cubic metres.

Mines will pay $155 93 per cubic metre while business will pay $85,76 for 1-25 cubic metre band and $155, 93 for above 100 cubic metre band.

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