Zinara toll fees to move with exchange rate Prof Ncube

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Toll fees at Zinara toll gates will now vary in line with the prevailing auction exchange rate as Zinara implements today the decision announced in the National Budget to denominate fees in US dollars converted at the latest auction rate.

The statutory instrument gazetted yesterday that implements the new toll fees denominated in US dollars and converted at auction rates also gives Zimbabwean motorists the option to pay in US dollars if they wish, although Zimbabwean cash, swipe cards, mobile money and Zinara’s own Zimbabwe dollar cards are totally acceptable.

The Zim dollar toll tariffs are however not going to change on a weekly basis. They will only be reviewed when there is a major shift in the exchange rate

The new tariffs announced by Minister of Finance and Economic Planning Prof Mthuli Ncube in the Budget and now implemented are: light motor vehicles US$2, minibuses US$3, buses US$4, heavy trucks US$5 and haulage trucks US$10.

Until any changes in the auction rate that trigger local currency fee changes, the rates in Zimbabwe dollars from today are: light motor vehicle $164, minibuses $246, buses $330, heavy trucks $410 and haulage trucks $820.

Zinara public relations and marketing manager Mr Tendai Mugabe said the stabilising of fees in US dollars with the Zimbabwe dollar fees automatically adjusted to follow official exchange rates would significantly contribute towards the funds that Zinara passes to road authorities in central Government and local authorities to develop, improve and maintain the road network.

“Government has put road infrastructure at the heart of national development. As a result of the heavy rains received this year, most of our roads are now in a bad state and this requires more funding. Although the money that we collect is not enough to undertake all the road works that our infrastructure now requires, we believe this move will have a significant impact on road development.”

Mr Mugabe said Zinara’s mandate as a road fund administrator was limited to fixing, collecting and disbursing road user fees to road authorities.

“In line with rebranding of Zinara that we have embarked on, it is important to underline that we now focus on our core mandate as enshrined in the Roads Act which is to fix, collect and disburse road user fees to road authorities,” said Mr Mugabe.

“The refurbishment of roads is the responsibility of road authorities namely, the department of roads in the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructural Development, the District Development Fund, rural and urban councils. After collecting road user fees, we disburse the funds to these four authorities to undertake road works.”

Mr Mugabe said funds being collected by Zinara were not enough and urged road authorities to be innovative and come up with alternative ways of supplementing disbursements from Zinara.

Through Zinara, the Government has been able to rehabilitate thousands of kilometres of road network both in rural and urban areas.

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