Zinara secures two million litres of fuel for road works The Zimbabwe National Roads Administration (ZINARA) has secured two million litres of fuel to support road authorities in their respective projects countrywide.

Freeman Razemba

Senior Reporter

The Zimbabwe National Roads Administration (ZINARA) has secured two million litres of fuel to support road authorities in their respective projects countrywide.

According to Zinara, this was put in place to address the authorities’ challenges in procuring the commodity, which was being done in United States Dollars.

In a statement, Zinara head of corporate communications and marketing, Mrs Tsungi Manyeza said, “This move will go a long way to improve the speed and quality of implementation of their various projects. Furthermore, it preserves the value for resources disbursed to road authorities.

In the first quarter, 38 percent of this fuel was issued and road authorities will continue to draw down on this resource over the course of the year.

“The monitoring and evaluation system which we already have in place for monetary disbursements is also applied here.

“On another note, disbursements are now being published on an ongoing basis on a dedicated portal on the ZINARA website. The administration made this commitment earlier this year at the issuance of the 2023 business performance report and there is now a regularly updated disbursement portal where all stakeholders may visit to view progress on disbursements.

“This is in line with ZINARA’s commitment to transparency and continued right standing with stakeholders.”

On projects update, Mrs Manyeza said the year begun with the launch of several major road infrastructure programmes which include the works on the Harare- Chirundu Highway as well as rehabilitation works on roads leading to the Parliament of Zimbabwe in preparation for the SADC Heads of State Summit.

Smaller projects were also initiated nationwide, including the Mashava-Mandamabwe Road project as well as the relocation of Dema tollgate.

“A number of projects were concluded and roads opened to traffic and these include the first stretch of Domboshava Road and the road in the Heroes’ Acre, among others. Various other projects are being undertaken at road authority level and much traction has already been made.

“In addition to the road works undertaken, ZINARA has gone a step further to engage and capacitate road authorities to equip them with requisite skills to manage their projects better. Three regional workshops were conducted covering all the provinces in the country. The workshops covered training on procurement management, standard acquittals, program preparation, contract management, audit issues, standard costing, routine maintenance, and use of GIS as a road asset management tool,” said Mrs Manyeza.

She said participants also conducted field visits for road maintenance demonstrations.

“Work is underway to further improve our revenue collection system, starting with relocation and upgrade of tolling infrastructure. This builds up towards revenue assurance, which will in turn secure more funding for the road works planned. Works have already begun at Skyline, Eskbank and Dema Tollgates,” she said.

Mrs Manyeza said furthermore, ZINARA is supporting the Department of Roads with the resuscitation of road maintenance units across the country.

She said these units will provide first line road maintenance services in various localities, which will significantly decelerate road dilapidation and go a long way in ensuring the maintenance of good quality roads.

“Lastly, a road condition survey will be conducted later this year. This is a key administration action which audits road conditions in Zimbabwe and provides vital planning and implementation information. As ZINARA, we are satisfied with the current trajectory in implementing our strategic agenda and we are confident that, with consistency, we will record significant milestones this year.

“We therefore call upon our key stakeholders, the motoring public, to partner with us in the road infrastructure maintenance agenda by doing their part in complying with motor vehicles fees. If all do their part, the current backlog of road works will be accelerated and cleared in the medium term and our country will have a great transport system. We look forward to making history together as partners for progress,” Mrs Manyeza said.

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