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Toll fees, set in US dollars, but converted at the prevailing auction exchange rate are several months out of date when it comes to local currency will rise today to $220 for a light vehicle to come close to the almost $109 to US$1 seen in the last auction of this year.

So from today, the Zimbabwe National Road Administration (Zinara) is charging: light motor vehicle $220, minibuses $330, buses $440, heavy trucks $550 and haulage trucks $1 100.

South African rand rates were confirmed as being: light motor vehicle R30, minibuses R50, buses R60, heavy trucks R80 and haulage trucks R160.

Those paying in Botswana pula pay: P20, P40, P50, P60 and P120 respectively.

Since January, the rates have been set in US dollars at: light motor vehicles US$2, minibuses US$3, buses US$4, heavy trucks US$5 and haulage trucks US$10.

These are not changing, but rates in other currencies will now be close to the prevailing exchange rate.

Zinara was using $82 to US$1 until yesterday and this was fuelling the black market currency operations near tollgates where pavement dealers were giving motorists the black market rate.

The Zimbabwe dollar toll tariffs will be reviewed when there is a major shift in the exchange rate and so are unlikely to change weekly after every auction.

Zinara public relations and marketing manager Mr Tendai Mugabe said the stabilising of fees in US dollars with the Zimbabwe dollar fees automatically adjusted to follow official exchange rates would significantly contribute towards the funds that Zinara passes to road authorities in central Government and local authorities to develop, improve and maintain the road network.

“What we are simply doing is adjusting the local payments in line with the prevailing foreign currency auction rate,” he said. “Those paid in foreign currency remain the same.”

Mr Mugabe said Zinara’s mandate as a road fund administrator was limited to fixing, collecting and disbursing road user fees to road authorities.

Through Zinara, the Government has been able to rehabilitate thousands of kilometres of road network both in rural and urban areas.

Last week, Zinara advised motorists that it accepts US dollar and South African rand payments at all tollgates and urged them to desist from using illegal money changers at the tolling sites as their activities were illegal.

“The foreign currency payments that we receive are used fully to meet our legislative mandate,” said Zinara.

“Furthermore, in view of the challenges that emanate from the usage of big denominations, we encourage our valued customers to use smaller denominations at the tollgates to avoid delays and inconveniences.”

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