ZimTrade engages banana producers

ZimTrade engages banana producers Banana plantation
Banana plantation

Banana plantation

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ZimTrade will today conduct an export awareness training to over 20 banana producers in Honde Valley. The training aims to develop and enhance export skills of banana producers as well as inculcate a culture of formal and organised export trade.ZimTrade will also utilise this opportunity to unpack the trade agreements to which Zimbabwe is a signatory and to explain regulations which govern the exportation of bananas.

In a research conducted by USAID in 2014, it was established that Honde Valley has the capacity to produce 15 000 tonnes of bananas per annum, worth $4,5 million.

According to Trade Map, Zimbabwean banana exports have been fluctuating from $424 000 in 2011, $89 000 in 2012 and no exports were recorded in 2013. There was a slight recovery in 2014 when exports reached $72 000 in value. There are opportunities to grow our banana exports to countries such as Namibia and Botswana. The two are predominantly desert countries without commercial banana production.

From 2010-2014, the import bill for bananas for the two countries averaged $9 million per year with South Africa being the major supplier.

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