Zim’s own Facebook is here


weeks, is already proving to be popular with users of all ages.

Cool Lifestyle checked out the application that surprisingly is as good as Facebook, but only better since it has more features, according to the teen. A lot of people will be happy to know that with “Tymzchat” one can sms, chat, play games, video chat with a single, video conference and listen to music while they perform any of the functions all for free.

Just like Facebook, one creates an account with his or her details. It is also possible to make posts, “like” and comment on anything.
It being the holiday time for school-going children, many will be interested in checking out the site that is not only proudly Zimbabwean, but already has a lot of “Zimbos” buzzing.

The brains behind the social app Goncalves admitted that his inspiration was triggered by his constant use of the popular social site Facebook. “Like many people, I have been using Facebook for some time, but I thought of designing an application that enables people to network in the same manner. I started programming it last November and finished in February this year,” he said. Goncalves holds an ICDL certificate and is a self-taught programmer driven by passion.

He also engaged the services of two colleagues Niaz dos Santos (16) and Pardington Handinahama (28). The trio is currently in the process of registering their website so that they commence operations.

Handinahama was over the moon about the success they have registered, but they also opened up about the loose ends that are yet to be finalised.
Dos Santos, on the other hand, was optimistic about the application’s future that he said will have a mobile version soon.

He said they are working towards engaging corporate players.
“Since this is a first in Zimbabwe, we are researching on what the procedures are in terms of legally operating our social site. We are all directors of this project, but we are looking for lawyers who can advise us on the best way forward in terms of legal matters, taxes and other stuff,” he said.

Cool Lifestyle spoke to a local systems administrator Simbarashe Kaseke, who highlighted that the trio can break new ground if they play their cards right. “Facebook started out the same way with Mark Zuckerberg, the founder, intending it to be a social site at their university. As its popularity grew, he was faced with countless lawsuits with different sectors claiming he had breached some laws,” he said.
Those interested in checking out the application can do so on their website www.tymzchart.wall.sm

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