Zimra issue SPB final ultimatum

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Zimra issue SPB final ultimatum Charles Kuwaza

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Charles Kuwaza

Charles Kuwaza

Herald Reporter
The Zimbabwe Revenue Authority has issued the State Procurement Board with another ultimatum to pay about $820 000 in Pay As You Earn arrears for its chairperson, Mr Charles Kuwaza.

It is the third time this year that the tax collector has demanded the outstanding payment from the SPB which has not been remitting PAYE on Mr Kuwaza’s earnings since 2009 while the rest of the employees had their earnings taxed and sent to Zimra.

It is understood that on May 21 Zimra requested the SPB to settle the $788 365,23 balance or come up with a payment plan by May 30, but to no avail.

In a letter seen by The Herald dated September 22, Zimra Commissioner of Investigations and International Affairs Mr Tichawona Chiradza again wrote to SPB principal officer, Mr Cledywn Nyanhete advising him that the SPB was supposed to settle the arrears or at least come up with a payment plan by Tuesday next week.

“Reference is made to your outstanding PAYE bill of USD821 180, 68 and my letter dated 17 April 2015,” said Mr Chiradza.

“In the letter mentioned above, the State Procurement Board (SPB) was requested to provide proposal on how the outstanding tax would be settled. It is now five months since the request was made and Zimra is yet to receive any payment towards settling the bill or the requested payment plan.

“I request that you submit an acceptable payment plan or make payment in full of USD 821 180, 68 by Tuesday, 30 September, 2015, otherwise recovery measures will be instituted without any further communication.”

A few months ago Zimra garnished two SPB accounts but only managed to recover $230 000.

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