Zimpost revenue slumps 15 percent

30 May, 2014 - 00:05 0 Views

The Herald

Zimpost’s revenue income for the five months to May slumped by 15 percent due to the prevailing harsh economic environment. Zimpost managing director Douglas Zimbango said postal services are now considered unnecessary mainly on the back of the rise in the use of digital technology. He, however, said Zimpost is currently transitioning from a postal-centred firm to a more agency based entity which will see the company changing its fortunes for the better.

“We are currently rolling out a raft of measures which will eventually take us to a stage where we will be offering the right services for each community and clearly we will see a reversal of the negative trend.

“We are in a transition from a mostly postal entity to an agency entity, so we are now entering into agreements with other service providers so that we use our extensive network to provide other services in outlying areas, thereby enabling services that are currently confined to urban areas to be offered nationwide.

“This is an avenue we feel will be able to make money and replace the volumes that we are losing from the drop in postal services,” he                                                                said.

Zimbango said most the companies that had agreements with the firm in previous years had abandoned Zimpost due to the company’s late adaptation to technology.
“Previously we could not link up to the database of principal service providers; however we have since migrated from the manual system to automation.

“We are now asking various service providers to come back on board as we now have the requisite skills and technology,” he said.
To date, Zimpost has agency agreements with five insurance companies, five banks and all three mobile operators.

In addition, the firm has agreements with NSSA, ZINARA, ZBC, DSTV, SOLAR HART, Fleximail and Renco wholesalers. – FinX.

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