Zimpapers to market ‘Escape’ A scene in “Escape” movie
A scene in “Escape” movie

A scene in “Escape” movie

Tafadzwa Zimoyo Arts Reporter

“The DVD’s are out and we are so excited that we have partnered with Zimpapers for the marketing and promotion.” In a bid to promote new local feature film “Escape” directed and produced by Joe Njangu and Agnieszka Piotrowska, Thinking Films has partnered with Zimpapers to market and sale copies of the movie starting this Saturday.The DVD would be sold at Zimpapers offices and all newspaper vendor sites for $1 per copy.In an interview, Njagu said he was happy with the initiative as it will not only boost sales but curb piracy.

“The DVD’s are out and we are so excited that we have partnered with Zimpapers for the marketing and promotion. We are not only going to sell the DVDs’ but there is a lot more going to happen and some of it will be run by Zimpapers. This move will also curb piracy which has affected the sector. Art should sustain livelihoods hence, just like any profession, should be taken seriously,” he said.

Njagu said there is also a special price for collectors copy.“A collectors copy which also has the sound-track for the film by Selmor Mtukudzi entitled ‘Butterflies’, will be going for $5. We want people to support local content,” he said.He said the film is set to premiere in some countries in Africa.

“We are already in talks with some countries on premiere and DVD sale with the hope this will promote the growth of the sector,” he said.Escape is a film about a mixed race man Charles (played by Jose Marques) who discovers from his white mother (played by Maria Wilson) that his father is Zimbabwean and is dying.

Charles decides to travel to Harare to find his father.He is a stranger in town and is enveloped by mysterious situations.While in Harare he is torn between two women.Tsitsi (played by Nothando Nobengula) is the damaged and wicked wife to a hotel owner; she desires her husband dead by Charles’ hand.The other woman is Anna (played by Selmor Mtukudzi).

Anna is modern and offers an alternative life to Charles.Throughout the film, Charles is tormented by his returning dreams and repressed memories.The film is a joint production by Thinking Films in association with Media Matrix and was shot on a location in Zimbabwe and in England under the directorship of Piotrowska and co-producers Njagu, Eric Witzgall, Brendon Sole, Carolyn Sole and Stewart Cornes.

It stars, Munyaradzi Chidzonga, Eddie Sandifolo, Daniel Tapera, Charmaine Mujeri, Selmori, Nothando, Charles Mzemba, Stewart Sakarombe, Joe Machingura, Farai Chigudu, Cynthia Njagu and Eunice Tava among others.

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