Zimpapers partners with Every Child A Tree It is part of efforts to complement Government efforts in reforestation and afforestation programmes to mitigate the effects of global warming and climate change, which have become a global problem.

Grace Mahora-Herald Reporter

ZIMPAPERS has partnered with Every Child A Tree to plant more trees as a way of mitigating the effects of climate change.

Founder of Every Child A Tree (ECAT) campaign, Mr Bob Riyete Mavende, who is also the founder and Tree Executive Officer of Forest Lovers, said people should co-operate in planting more trees as they play a crucial role in fighting climate change, cleaning the air, storing carbon and producing oxygen.

 “We hope as many people as possible will follow our example and get involved with similar schemes. A trillion trees planted in the coming years could significantly reduce the amount of carbon in the atmosphere, potentially by up to 25 percent,” he said.

Mr Mavende said educating children about the environment has long-lasting effects as they are well placed to make a difference.

“If we give every child this opportunity it will make a difference but more importantly it makes a difference in the way they think”.

One Child Ambassador, Cornelius Muzenda (11), said climate change is a threat that should be faced head-on. 

“Climate change is a threat. If we fail to take action as soon as possible we will have a climate crisis which will then result in floods, heatwaves, and droughts,” said Muzenda.

Another Ambassador, Tinotenda Muganho, also 11, said he was motivated to join the initiative after observing human activities in everyday life that involve cutting down trees for firewood and industrial use without replacing them. 

“Recently, on May 21, floods hit Durban and took away many lives and destroyed infrastructure at the same time which was an impact of the climate crisis. 

“Thus, we should all work together and mitigate the climate crisis by planting more trees. I expect the leaders to enforce strict laws that encourage everyone to plant more trees and replace everything that has been cut,” said Muganho. The aim of ECAT is to empower children to learn more about the climate crisis and how they can help minimise its impact.

Under the programme, children will be also taught to inform other children about the climate crisis, equity and global citizenship and empower them to become climate heroes ambassadors.

“My responsibility as an ambassador is to maintain the number of trees in the country to help those who see that their area has few trees and we can help them to plant by encouraging those who do not know about trees.

“So far as an initiative we planted trees in parks and in Victoria Falls. This month we will be launching in Kariba and Victoria Falls next month,” said Muganho.

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