Kundai Marunya Arts Correspondent

Following the selection of his song “Kuchema Kwedu” in the top five of Eine Welt song contest, rising Zimdancehall musician Gerald Matabva a.k.a Volcanic King will travel to Germany for the finals next week.

The Kadoma-bred musician, whose song was first selected in the top 30 hit songs out of 432 submissions and later emerged as the only African in the top five, will fly to Germany on November 24 to participate in workshops before the finals on December 3.

Eine Welt is an annual competition that has participants from around the world submitting their songs composed around a set theme.

Volcanic King said he is excited to travel for the competition. “When I entered the competition after encouragement from my manager Chiedza Chi, I did not expect to win. When I was selected to be in the top 30 with my song being part of the top five for a special African prize I was overwhelmed with joy and I thought that was all.

“I was even more surprised and I’m very excited that I got selected among top five songs from around the world,” he said. Being part of the top five guarantees the musician to be part of many workshops to nurture his music and his song’s presence in Eine Welt’s compilation album. “When I heard about the competition I wrote a song in line with the theme but then failed to record because of power outages.

“I ended up submitting a song I had recorded some time ago which coincidentally suited the theme.

“I am actually thrilled because the song came from the heart, a pure art that was not influenced by being commissioned but suited very well with what the competition demanded,” he said. Volcanic King started singing at a tender age seeking refuge from hardships he was facing.

“As an orphan, I found solace in music. I then decided to share the comfort it brought to my life with others,” he said. He worked with different studios including Seh Calaz’s Yala Nation before finally settling down at Enerchi Music.

Volcanic King’s manager called for donations ahead of the tour.

“Though all his expenses are well taken care of, the musician also needs warm clothes and some pocket money for his travel,” he said.

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